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Moth quiz pictures Brimstone Moth Scalloped Oak Peppered Moth Pebble Hook-tip Bklack Arches Blood-vein Poplar Hawk-moth Six-spot Burnet

Do you have any other images of moths that were taken in RED BARN FIELD NATURE PARK? - Are you willing to share them? Please contact The Parish Clerk

Grateful thanks to Colin Raymond who allowed us to use his photographs and to Chris Bentley of the Rye Bay Nature Reserve for identifying moths from a trap set in August 2010.






A list of moths identified in Red Barn Field can be seen by clicking



This is a very small section of the moths that have been found in Red Barn Field Nature Park.

Some British moths have interesting, and sometimes descriptive, names. The names of the moths pictured left are jumbled-up below.

Choose a name from below for each of the moths pictured left and then click on the picture to see if you have made the right choice.

Pebbled Hook-tip ~ Blood-vein
Six-spot Burnet ~ Peppered Moth
Poplar Hawk-moth ~ Scalloped Oak

Black Arches ~ Brimstone Moth