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Council Minutes 1894-1956
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1894 First Election of Sedlescombe Parish Councillors held at Parish Meeting on 4 December 1894 (Chairman Major Boyce Harvey Combe).

1894 First meeting of Sedlescombe Parish Council held on 13 December 1894 in the School Room (Mr Harvey Trewythen Brabazon Combe elected Chairman).

1895 Suggested that the Council obtains possession of the Village Green "for the benefit of parishioners and to keep off objectionable characters".

1895 Letter received by Parish Council from Mr Charles Sheppard, Solicitor, stating that the Lord of the Manor has no claims to the Sedlescombe Village Green.

1895 Parish Council resolved to appoint two members to draw up byelaws and rules and regulations for the management of the Village Green and to agree a table of fees to be Paid by persons making use of the Green with tents or vans or pasturing of animals.

1895 More than six electors asked the Council to provide allotments (The Allotments Act 1890) and Mr H B Brabazon offered land for allotments for "the labouring men of the parish".

1895 Council resolved unanimously "That it be an instruction to the Allotment Wardens that Blundell do not be accepted as an allotment holder".

1896 Leather bag purchased from Messrs Needham of Brighton to keep Parish Council books in at the cost of £1-17-6. 1896 Charge of 1/-made by Parish Council for erection of booth on Village Green and each separate stall or entertainment.

1897 Diamond Jubilee of HM Queen Victoria celebrated.

1899 Recorded in Vestry Minutes that a Public meeting was held in Schoolroom to acknowledge and accept offer of Mr Samuel P B Bucknill to provide a Fountain and Pump on the Village Green in memory of his mother Mary Ann Bucknill and her sisters Misses Sophia Elizabeth and Harriet Catherine Pratt, daughters of the Rev.John Pratt, Rector of Sedlescombe between 1803 and 1861.

1900 Well sunk on Village Green and shelter built.

1902 First byelaws of the Village Green made by Parish Council

1902 Parish Council constantly receiving complaints of great danger to vehicular traffic caused by the deep ditch by the Village Green. Complaints that several people had fallen into the ditch in the dark when walking across the Green to the P Office.

1903 Noticeboards in Pumphouse holding byelaws considered "objectionable".

1904 Apathy of Parochial voters "as usual" -only one in attendance at election of parish councillors.

1904 Damage done to Pumphouse column by "pure accident".

1905 Damage done to Village Green by horses and traps.

1906 Death of the Squire, painter Hercules Brabazon Brabazon of Oaklands aged 84.

1909 Damage to Pump seats by children. 1909 Nuisance caused by playing football on the Village Green.

1910 Opening of The Brabazon Art Museum in the Tithe Barn by Lord Brassey, attended by many dignitaries -memorial to Hercules Brabazon Brabazon.

1911 Coronation of BM King George V celebrated. Mugs presented to schoolchildren by Mr and Mrs Harvey Brabazon Combe.

1911 Seats installed at Church Hill, Sandrocks and Stream Lane.

1912 Parish Council paid for tar spraying all District Roads in the Village at the price of 2d per square yard for 2 coats of tar (total cost £16-13-4).

1912 Council invited by Battle RDC to attend a meeting about drainage of Sedlescombe Village but it was decided that, "considering the healthy state of the Parish, that a system of Drainage for Sedlescomb is absolutely unnecessary".

1913 Parish Council resolved to mow the Village Green "twice during the Summer at a price not to exceed ten shillings" Parish Council agreed to write to East Sussex County Council with a view to arranging a course of lectures on poultry keeping.

1914 Fire destroyed Coach and Horses pub.

1914 Parish Council agreed to walk the boundaries of the Parish "as this had not been done for a great number of years" (70 years according to Hastings &St Leonards Observer). Start to be made at the River Bridge at 10am on Wednesday May 27th

1914 Outbreak of First World War.

1917 Parish Council ordered two bucket sprayers from the East Sussex War Agricultural Committee for potato spraying at the cost of 5/-each p.a. for use by allotment holders free of charge 56lb Copper sulphate purchased by the Parish Council @6d lb for use in the sprayers to be sold to allotments holders and others for 7d lb. Notices printed and circulated on the use.

1917 unfortunately no-one apart from the Clerk to the Council applied for the copper sulphate!

1917 Consideration given by the Parish Council to"Housing the Working Classes after the War". No empty houses in the Parish with rateable value under £8, so it was decided that six houses would be needed.

1917 Mr James Byner, Vestry Clerk and Clerk to the Parish Council, presented by Rev.Percival with a Gold Watch and Chain and an illuminated address at Vestry Meeting in recognition of 50 years of service as Vestry Clerk, without any remuneration.

1918 Parish Council arranged lecture and demonstration on Fruit Preserving.

1918 Parish Council received a letter from the Board of Trade Mines Department with reference to the saving of coal -"After some discussion it was decided that the letter should lie on the table".

1918 End of First World War.

1918 Proposed by Parish Council that "Pump seats oiled with two coats of boiled oil and that a notice board be placed at the pump with a caution to any person or persons doing wilful damage and that Powdermills Footbridge which had been badly damaged by floods and was dangerous to foot passengers should be temporarily repaired".


1918 Village Green grass cut by Mr R Thomas for sum of ten shillings.

1919 Public meeting to make arrangements for Peace Celebrations.

1919 War Memorial dedicated to 29 Village men killed in the War.

1919 Council inspected allotments and considered that, with two exceptions, there were in satisfactory condition. Clerk to call attention to the rather bad cultivation of the two plots.

1920 Village Hall opened site presented in memory of H B Brabazon of Oaklands Park by his nephew.

1920 "Mr Byner raised the question of damage done to the Pump seats by boys and it was decided that steps should be taken to put a stop to same"

1920 "Notice to quit plots Nos.40 to 46 had been received from Mr A Veness, he claiming compensation for crops growing thereon and unexhausted".

1920 Major H T B Combe of Oaklands refused to hire 5 acres of the Brook Ground or whole field of about 10 acres as a Recreation Ground for the Parish. Council hired small field adjoining Balcombe Green until a more suitable field could be found.

1921 Highways Surveyor to Battle Rural District Council asked permission for the signpost then in the garden of Brickwall House to be placed on the Village Green and this was agreed.

1922 Council Committee of Mr Kenward, Mr Whatman and the Clerk decided that it was not necessary to clean out the well on the Village Green. 1922 Mr H Dengate made repairs to the Pump at cost of 15/-.

1922 "Clerk to get Village Green mown at a price not to exceed twenty-five shillings".

1922 "Clerk to send copy of Byelaws relating to the Village Green to the Superintendent of Police at Battle and to request that proceedings should be taken against all persons found committing a nuisance or otherwise doing damage thereon".

1922 Dangerous condition of spring opposite School to be brought to owner's attention and Parish Council "were of the opinion that they had power to repair the same".

1922 Council resolved to put a new kerb to the spring opposite School. 1922 Council resolved to rescind resolution to put in new kerb because of objection by a ratepayer.

1922 Request for a speed limit through the Village of Sedlescomb.

1922 Very dangerous ditch on east side of Church Hill where 3 motor accidents had occurred.

1922 The Parish Council noted "considerable alarm that the Hastings Corporation are making arrangements for boring a well in the Parish of Sedlescomb, in close proximity to the Village, for the purpose of augmenting the water supply of the Hastings".

1923 Public Inquiry into Parish Council's attempt to compulsorily acquire 2 small fields adjoining Riverbridge Cottages known as Waterland for a Recreation Ground. Parish Council defeated.

1923 Sedlescombe Post Office being closed on Wednesday afternoons at 2pm for Postal, Telegraph and Telephone business. Parish Council had no objection as there were now private telephones in the Village.

1923 Recorded "Beating the Bounds".

1923 "Estimate for the repairs to the roof of the Pump House considered, the amount being £2-8-0, which was considered excessive. Further estimate to be obtained, the work to be done with cement instead of mortar.

1923 Parish Council resolved "That this Council views with much concern the prospect of the Hastings Corporation forming a pumping station from a bore hole in this Parish within 750 yards of the well on the Village Green which supplies the Village with water and desires the Rural District Council of Battle to oppose the Bill in Parliament unless satisfactory agreement can be made to provide an individual supply of water, should it be necessary".

1923 Death of Harvey Trewythen Brabazon Combe JP (first Chairman of the Parish Council). Buried in Sedlescombe Churchyard.

1924 Sale of 16 parcels of land with buildings, the property of the Late Major Combe of Oaklands

1924 First houses at East View Terrace occupied 1924 Weslyan Methodist Chapel next to Coach &Horses closed 1924 Council resolved to ask the Corporation of Hastings to extend their electric light supply to Sedlescomb.

1925 List drawn up of 12 people willing to consider electricity supply to their houses and buildings providing the cost is reasonable.

1925 Complaints about dumping of wood on the Village Green.

1925 Complaints about water leaking from The Cottage and making Village Green very wet.

1925 Further attempts to purchase the Brooks Field for a Recreation Ground. Application to East Sussex County Council for a £400 loan to purchase the field. Reserve price of field £600.

1925 Reported that Brooks Field not for sale


1925 Books available for children under the County Library Scheme

1925 Damage being done to Pumphouse seats by children jumping on them. Damaged drinking cup to be repaired and fixed to pump.

1926 Churchland Lane plots laid out

1926 East Sussex Agricultural Committee asked if a course of lectures on bee-keeping could be arranged. Arranged but postponed.

1926 Parish Council wrote to Drainage Committee of Battle RDC opposing proposed drainage scheme.

1926 Owner of Brickwall House Estate wanted to sell allotments field -offered to Council but no action taken.

1926 Noted that "Enormous amount of traffic now passing over the road at southern end of Village". Ditches on both sides of the road filled in.

1927 Mr Gregory purchased allotment land and offered it to Parish Council

1927 Maidstone &District Bus Company asked to contribute towards seat at top of Church Hill for people waiting for buses

1927 Complaints about untidy state of Village Green during summer months with paper and other rubbish. Prices for waste paper baskets obtained.

1927 Salary of Clerk to the Parish Council fixed at £10 p.a.

1927 Parish Council given notice to quit allotments. Loan to be applied for to purchase allotments.

1927 Battle RDC to clear up waste paper from Village Green, roadman to be instructed to sweep around the pump.

1927 Complaints about the number of carts belonging to gypsies standing on Village Green on Sunday evenings. Police supervision requested especially on Sundays owing to the large number of people visiting the Village.

1927 Clerk unable to find anyone to mow Village Green. To try again price not to exceed £1-5-0.

1927 Complaint that excessive fares being charged on buses between Hastings and Sedlescombe and Staplecross and that people frequently left behind owing to insufficient room.

1927 Maidstone &District Bus Company stated that fare to be single Sedlescombe to Staplecross 5d. Return Hastings to Sedlescombe 1/3d.

1927 Price of allotments to be raised to 6d per rod.

1928 Hastings Corporation Electricity Department Scheme for erection of overhead lines to carry electricity. Parish Council objected as wanted lines to be put underground.

1928 By Hastings Corporation Bill

1928 powers being sought to acquire considerable acreage of land in the Parish to obtain a water supply for the Borough of Hastings. Bridlepaths to be closed and public footpaths diverted.

1928 Wood frame under lead casing of Pump found to be perished. New liner to be made of oak and spout repaired.

1928 Someone offered £100 towards purchase of land for a recreation ground.

1928 Battle Fire Brigade equipped with motor engine.

1928 After docks had been cut on allotment field, a crop of lucerne had resulted and sold to Mr G Sheather for 10/-.

1928 Pump House seats in need of repair, to be put under cover for the winter.

1929 Clerk to ask Maidstone &District Bus company for penny stages through Sedlescombe.

1929 Death of Mr H A Pratt recorded.

1929 Parish Meeting held to consider acquisition of land for recreation ground.

1929 Subscription of three guineas sent to Hastings &St Leonards Volunteer Fire Brigade

1929 Work began on construction of Powdermill Reservoir

1929 Noticeboard to be placed in a conspicuous place in Village if a suitable place can be found. Cost 10/6d -to be placed on signpost at top of Village Green.

1929 Footpaths in Village left in untidy state by Postal Authorities after laying a telephone cable.

1929 Application for speed limit through Village refused (Robertsbridge had a lOmph speed limit through the Village several men taken to court for exceeding 10mph)

1929 Notice to be put up on Village Pump asking visitors not to waste water. Mr Kenward empowered to lock up Pump during day if water supply shows signs of giving out.

1929 Minister of Transport to allow erection of steel towers carrying high tension electricity cables in Sussex. East Sussex County Council to oppose. Parish Council urged County Council to continue its efforts to preserve the beauties of Sussex from spoilation. Copies of Parish Council resolution forwarded to The Right Hon. J Ramsay Macdonald MP

1929 Parish Council supported the proposed building of twelve houses in Brede Lane provided they are let to people either living or working in Sedlescombe.

1930 Noticeboard at Village Pump to be repaired and varnished and the Clerk's name added.

1930 Request by parish councillor for notices to be put up at both ends of the Village -"Please drive slowly" -no action.

1930 Request that waste paper and other rubbish around the Pump and Village Green is cleared up. 1930 Sample of water taken from Village Pump found to be polluted. Battle RDC wanted to remove Pump to clean out well.

1930 Employers Liability Insurance taken out.

1931 Dispute over footpath at Little Castlemans.

1931 Parish Meeting held re East Sussex County Council's proposal to "prescribe building lines". Meeting misunderstood intentions and thought the road through Sedlescombe was about to be widened which would mean that the old chestnut trees at the Church would be removed. The Meeting suggested a bypass road is constructed to connect the Hawkhurst to Sedlescombe Road with the Robertsbridge to Hastings Main Road to save the Village of Sedlescomb from spoilation.

1931 Parish Council paid Miss Tyler 3/6d for typing letters

1931 Battle RDC to build 12 new houses. Parish Council objected as great difficulty in letting cottages already built to people living in Sedlescombe and 9 had been let to people from cottages in other parishes. "There is not sufficient work for local people and we do not want to encourage out of work people from other places to come here".

1931 Water supply to Council houses in Brede Lane very short. Parish Council told by Battle RDC that no business of the Parish Council.

1931 Clerk unable to get Village Green cut.

1931 Complaints about danger caused by boys riding bicycles around the Village Pump. Police to be told.

1932 Filling of Powdermill Reservoir with 188.3 million gallons of water completed after just over 4 months.

1932 Plans to walk the boundaries.

1932 Mr John Gordon of The Cottage, The Street, wrote asking for public lighting in the Village. 1932 Request for course of lectures on horticulture during the winter.

1933 Appeal by Rector, Rev Noble, for "gifts and promises of money from the Men, Women and Children of Sedlescombe" for restoration of the Church roof after damage by death watch beetle and to the tiles. £300 needed. Within 3 days £239-16-5d had been given. The Sunday School built a model of the church from matchboxes, each box containing a coin.

1933 Parish Council gave consideration on how to clear up the rubbish around the Pump House.

1933 Attention drawn to bad state of footpaths after the laying of Gas Mains in the Village.

1933 Parish Council resolved to employ Mr L Knight at 2/6d a week to keep Green and Pump House clean for six months.

1933 Fencing in of Compasses Pond near Cripps Corner allowed by East Sussex County Council but noted that public still have access.

1933 Village Green to be mown at cost of £2 including clearance of grass.

1933 Parish Council agreed to lock up the Village Pump for certain hours during the day to safeguard the water supply.

1933 Public Analyst certified that water from the well on the Village Green was unfit for drinking purposes as polluted with lead having .42 grain lead to the gallon. Battle RDC asked and agreed to pay the cost of a new pump and suction pipe at the cost of £33-17-6. Parish Council acknowledged right of Battle RDC to the water in the well.

1933 Waste paper basket stolen from seat at Church Hill -to be padlocked.

1934 Hawkhurst Parish Council asked Sedlescombe to contribute to the maintenance and upkeep of Hawkhurst Fire Engine. Refused as already subscribe to Hastings engine.

1934 Rights of Way Act 1932 came into force. Parishes asked to produce list of footpaths and bridleways. List of 20 reputed public rights of way in the parish prepared. Paths to be walked during the summer and notes taken of their condition. 25" scale map of the Parish to be purchased for £6-10-0 mounted on cloth and rollers.

1934 Mr Gordon of The Cottage again asked Parish Council to consider public lighting.

1934 Parish Council decided that clearing away paper and other rubbish could be done voluntarily and asked schoolchildren to help.

1934 Petition to be drawn up asking for a footpath at Castlemans Oak corner.

1934 Parish Council asked to suggest names of people who could take over vacant Council houses as they became available.

1934 Clerk to write to Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries asking for permission to use unused part of allotment field as playing field for children.

1935 Celebrations for the silver jubilee of King George V including planting of the silver jubilee oak on the Village Green

1935 Mr T G Hilder congratulated by Chairman of Parish Council on completion of 25 years service as Clerk to the Council as was presented with a fountain pen as a momento.

1935 Parish Map to be fixed in the Minor Hall at cost of £1-6-6d.

1935 Mrs L E Curzon offered 1~ acres freehold land adjoining Millbrook for use as a recreation ground or for other purposes partly as a gift and partly for payment of £50. Council unable to accept as land unsuitable.

1935 Parish Council recommended small bungalows for old people rather than flats.

1936 Village Green reported as being in very bad state owing to excessive rainfall during the winter.

1936 Complaints about nuisance caused by motor cycle trials being held on Sundays and by using the bridlepath from !Hurst Lane to Austford Farm.

1936 Rev.Noble drew attention to footpaths made across the Village Green and that people should not always keep to the same place as the Green was being spoiled.

1936 East Sussex County Council refused to make a footpath on the east side of the road on the east side of the Village Green as pedestrians can walk on the Green.

1936 Application for speed limit refused.

1936 Rev J A Finch of Marden, Kent, damaged one of his tyres on drain cover at top of Church Hill.

1936 Impossible to let all allotments. A number let to one man for market garden purposes.

1936 Col WE Hume-Spry DSO to attend a meeting to explain details of Air Raid precautions.

1936 Village Green grass could not be cleared whilst it was of any use for hay. Mr C Farrow cleared it at a cost of 13/6d.

1936 Sub-Committee of the Council set up to consider celebration of forthcoming coronation of His Majesty the King.

1937 Hastings Corporation Electricity Department offered to supply current free of charge for floodlighting ancient buildings and churches during Coronation festivities.

1937 Parish Council asked to select person to be in charge of Air Raid Precautions in the Parish. Major Briggs' name put forward.

1937 Battle RDC proposed zoning the Brooks Field as a Public Open Space. Capt Harvey Combe of Oaklands objected.

1937 Increasing need for a speed limit through Village.

1937 Mr T G Hilder tendered his resignation as Clerk to take effect from 31/03/1938 (appointed to office 15/04/1910). Accepted with regret.

1937 Parish Council received booklet on National Fitness.

1937 Mr Frederick Phillips of Tanyard House appointed Clerk as from 01/01/1938.

1938 Parish Council received booklet from Medical Officer of Health on "The Protection of Foodstuffs against Poison Gas".

1938 Parish Council decided to buy an Atco Motor Mower at the estimated cost of £37-5-6d. A Parish Meeting called to discuss the matter voted 19 in favour and 19 against. The Chairman gave his casting vote in favour.

1938 Battle RDC enquired whether the extension of the Battle water mains to Sedlescombe had been considered. The Parish Council replied that the supply of water to Sedlescombe should come from Hastings.

1938 Concern that the Black Brooks Garage was becoming a dumping ground for old cars.

1938 Objection made that non-government electors had been allowed to vote about the lawnmower at the Parish Meeting. Parish Council decided to purchase a Rotoscyth 17" Motor Mower at a cost of £24-1-9d.

1938 Queens Head Hotel did bed and breakfast, tea and light refreshments at any time, free garage to guests

1938 Battle Parish Council asked Sedlescombe to contribute to secure services of their Fire Brigade and equipment. Sedlescombe Parish Council wished to continue with the Hastings & St Leonards Fire Brigade.

1938 Mr WF Thomas took charge of Air Raid Precautions in the village.

1938 Hastings &St Leonards Volunteer Fire Brigade wrote terminating agreement. 1938 Letter to be sent to Mr WF Thomas expressing appreciation of the work done re Air Raid Precautions during the recent crisis.

1939 Communication with Home office re "Billeting of Children" unsatisfactory arrangements made locally during the crisis last year.

1939 Further attempts to acquire a recreation ground. Organisations asked to suggest a suitable field, the means of raising money and the cost of upkeep.

1939 Government Scheme outlined for appointment of a Chief Billeter and 8 visitors to find out how many children could be conveniently accommodation.

1939 Main water supply becoming frozen and causing inconvenience at East View Terrace.

1939 Organisations met to discuss provision of a recreation ground for playing sports. 2 sites considered -The Brook Field and the football field (Windmill Field).

1939 Bus Service Sedlescombe to Battle suggested.

1939 Low gas pressure in Sedlescombe on Sundays reported.

1939 Report that a lorry belonging to The Kent & Sussex Butchers of Pevensey was frequently causing damage to the Village Green when turning.

1939 WI asked for a simplified and cheap method of election to parish council by secret ballot. 1939 Battle RDC not able to pursue problem of locked gate on footpath for some time to come as they were fully occupied on work of National Service.

1939 Decide to insert 90' of granite blocks to protect corners of Village Green. Later this was changed to 119' of concrete blocks.

1939 Start of Second World War.

1939 Because of the war conditions the Parish Council considered whether to continue with the kerbing of the Village Green and decided to continue.

1939 No telephone for communication with the Chief Warden, Mr WF Thomas, at night. Authorities asked to provide an extension from Mr Thomas's business premises to his private house. Battle RDC suggested in the interests of economy that a nearby house should receive messages at night and pass them to Mr Thomas but there was no conveniently placed house.

1939 Mr Wilton spoke about facilities for young men to spend social evenings -no further action taken.

1940 Brede River Nursing Association asked that Battle RDC be urged to provide free immunisation for schoolchildren and infants against Diphtheria.

1940 Unclean condition of interiors of some houses in East View Terrace brought to the attention of the Council.

1940 Parish Council asked by WI to arrange disposal of surplus garden produce. Refused as no-one who could give their whole time to organisation of the Scheme.

1940 The Chairman, Mr Savill, agreed to organise disposal of scrap metal and Mr Hill offered ground at his premises for a dump. Large quantities of scrap metal left at various points in the centre of the Village for road barriers and Local Defence Volunteer Force to be asked if it could be removed to the Village dump.

1940 Letter received re placing obstructions in fields to prevent enemy aircraft landing. Chairman stated he knew of no fields in the Parish. where it would be possible for aircraft to land. 1941 New appeal made for collection of paper and other waste material.

1941 Battle RDC asked about the Parish Council's financial responsibility in respect of any local emergency due to enemy action.

1941 As a result of War Weapons Week in the Rural District Council area a total of £144,712-5-10d was collected, £2862 from Sedlescombe. Parchment to be framed and placed in Village Hall. The WI recorded that the 1941 War Savings Certificates Summer Drive brought in enough to purchase one machine gun, two parachutes and a rubber dinghy and that "Sedlescombe" was inscribed on a Churchill Tank for fund-raising in the Village.

1941 Battle RDC issued pamphlet "Help for the Homeless" explaining the position which could arise locally as a result of enemy action.

1941 Home Guard occupying Brickwall House.

1941 Danger to public by erection of barbed wire defences on Village Green. Home Guard agreed to erect a protective barrier to protect road users from barbed wire on the Village Green.

1942 Damage done to Village Green by Military Authorities during exercises.

1943 Mr Thomas unable to repair Powdermill Footbridge as all his men had been taken away to carry out war work in other places and later in the year for bomb damage clearance.

1943 Zone Command of the Home Guard to be asked if barbed wire obstacles could be removed from the Village Green. Reply from Adjutant 22nd Battalion Sussex Home Guard regretting the obstacles could not be removed as they would be required in the event of enemy attack and again later in the year as they were required for the protection of Battalion Headquarters.

1943 Letter received from Sedlescombe &District Allotments and Gardens Association regarding the water pump and water tank in the Allotments and asking that proper notices be posted to cover the Allotment Holder from the possibility of theft of produce.

1943 Fire Service to be approached about provision of a static water tank holding 5/6000 gallons water on the Village Green. Mr Sargent suggested that several smaller tanks at different points would be more useful.

1943 Battle RDC dealing with the the Post War Programme for Housing the Working Classes.

1943 Condition of Church Hill dangerous for horse drawn traffic County Council to be asked to tar the road from Lower Highfields Gate to the Church.

1943 Planning permission given to use Methodist Chapel as cinema.

1944 Air Raid Siren requested for Sedlescombe as the nearest apparently at Battle.

1944 Thomas &son had applied for a licence to obtain the necessary materials to repair a well opposite the school

1944 Battle Rural District Council assured the Parish Council that it appeared to be part of the National Post War Programme that tap water will eventually be available to everyone.

1944 Village Pump plumbed and water found to be at 15'6".


1944 Clerk reported barbed wire obstacles had at last been removed from the Village Green by the Military Authorities.


1944 Complaint that the present equipment of the local Fire Service

was not considered adequate to pump water from the River.

1944 Reported that the Village Hall was not large enough for present or future needs. Parish Council opened a Memorial Fund to provide a Social Centre for games, reading, conversation and refreshment.

1945 Celebration of V.E. Day and end of Second World War

1945 The Clerk stated he had written to the Home Guard Headquarters at Brickwall regarding the removal of the barbed wire from the allotments.

1945 Concern about housing returning servicemen.

1945 Battle RDC wrote asking collectors for Red Cross Penny a Week Fund (now closed) to help with the United Aid to China Fund" no action.

1946 The Clerk stated that the County Surveyor at Battle was going to provide a concrete stone to mark the boundary in Poppinghole Lane" (this followed an earlier report that a holly tree was dying in Poppinghole Lane that had been previously used as a boundary marker).

1946 Battle RDC wrote about delivery of drinking water and asking for the location of central points in the Parish where persons needing water could collect it from Council lorries -decided not workable.

1946 Permission given for the Village Green to be used by the Sedlescombe War Services Appreciation Fund for Victory Day celebrations.

1946 Decided that a local Magistrate needed in the Parish for signing old documents and other papers.

1946 Man employed to clear litter from Village Green and wash and clean the Pump House at a cost of 4/-weekly.

1946 Only the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Clerk turned up to Beat the Bounds of the Parish. Eventually left over until next year.

1946 Discussion re allocation of housing and finding a site for new Council houses -stopped by Government decision to cease building.

1947 Notices to be exhibited on Village Green forbidding parking of motor cars. Offenders seem to be visitors using the Brickwall Tea Rooms.

1947 Mr Wilton said street lighting was needed in the Village.

1947 Further discussion about finding a recreation ground.

1948 County Council asked that future parish council elections should be by nomination and poll. Later in the year Bill passed.

1948 Evidence of usage of Great Sanders drive to be obtained in order to support the Council's view that this is a carriage way.

1948 Any premises used for the manufacture, sale or storage of ice cream to be registered with the Local Authority.

1948 Depth of Village well 14'6".

1948 62 residents from near Brede Lane Housing Site requested a telephone kiosk.

1948 Chairman, T G Hilder, signed lease of land adjoining Riverbridge on west side of main road to be adapted as a Children's Playground.

1949 Report that large workshops and garage had been erected in the centre of the Village at rear of Pump Cottage to house lorries of Messrs Thomas & son.

1949 Vote at Annual Assembly on Remodelling of Village Green resulted in 7 in favour and 7 against. Later new plan accepted by Parish Council. Occupiers of adjacent properties had no objections.

1949 Preservation of the following trees recommended: Chestnut tree outside Brickwall, Chestnut trees outside the Church, 2 oaks on Rectory lawn, Lime tree outside Butchers Shop, large beech tree in Long Wood at Beech Farm.

1949 County Council agreed to impose 30mph speed limit through the Village.

1949 Considerable increase in attendance at meetings outside the Parish. 1950 Parishioners to be co-opted to carry out survey of rights of way. 1950 Parish Council asked to choose 3 names out of 21 applicants for Council houses. Basic rent to be £1 weekly exclusive of rates.

1950 2 cherub supports smashed off lead casing of Village Pump making the top portion unsafe. Inscription defaced.

1950 Brede Lane telephone kiosk erected and working.

1950 Mr J H Keeling wrote asking Parish Council to take over the lease of land at rear of Blacksmith's Shop and to adapt the ground as children's playground. Parish Council thought ground not suitable.

1950 Parish Council objected to choice of site for new Council houses.

1950 Further attempts to buy the Brook Field for sportsfield but owners not prepared to sell.

1951 Work on remodelling Village Green postponed because of severe restrictions on highway expenditure.

1951 Parish Council asked for suggestions on how to celebrate the Festival of Britain but replied that it was not an appropriate time to spend ratepayers' money. Allotments & Gardens Association to spend £5 on seed and plants for old people's gardens.

1951 Complaint about schoolchildren riding their bicycles over the Green and around the Pump House.

1951 Clerk's salary increased to £20 p.a.

1951 New housing development in Brede Lane to be called Blacklands as built on part of former Blacklands Farm.

1951 Objection that only 6 out of the 10 people recommended by the Parish Council had been given Council houses, the other four being from other villages. Rev. G N Martin asked Council to sponsor a plan for provision of a Village sign and this was agreed provided no charge made on the rates.

1951 Council decided bus shelters were not needed.

1951 Reported that 30mph signs had been fixed.

1951 Motor mower seriously damaged by hitting a stone on Village Green. Found to be beyond repair.

1951 Fire severely damaged Brickwall Hotel

1951 Mr W Leslie, Chairman of Sedlescombe, Westfield & Whatlington Labour party asked that protection of the Village from the danger of fire should be given urgent consideration particularly the provision of a static water tank. Being taken up by East Sussex Fire Brigade.

1951 Mr K Stubberfield submitted his detailed views on the provision of static water tanks.

1951 Agreed to have protecting fence erected around the Village Pump made by local blacksmith Mr C Taylor at a cost of £11.

1951 Suggestion made that Chapel Hill and Blackbrooks should be brought into Sedlescombe Parish. All parish boundaries to be considered.

1951 Report that 7 houses at Blacklands occupied.

1952 Atco Motor Mower purchased from Hastings Corporation for Ten Guineas.

1952 Mr C Taylor could not fix fence around Pump as he could not obtain the necessary iron.

1952 Negotiations reported with neighbouring parishes about boundary alterations.

1952 Oaklands bought by Pestalozzi Children's Village Trust.

1952 Clerk to make enquiries of RDC about a water supply. Fire Brigade unable to fill Brickwall pond as it leaks, hopes to use the Manor House ponds.

1952 Collection in aid of Somerset and Lynmouth Disaster Fund made and £24-10-0 raised.

1952 Complaint made that 3 boxer dogs allowed to run loose on field near Little Castlemans making the footpath unfit to use.

1952 Mr James and Mr Veness brought up the question of the method recently adopted for emptying the lavatory pails at the School whereby the pails were carried to the footpath by the side of the main road outside the School and then sucked into a tank and driven away. It was an unanimous opinion that this method was most objectionable.

1952 Chairman wished many happy returns of the day (78).

1953 Village lending library started

1953 Whist Drive to raise funds for King George Vi Memorial Fund and £9 was raised.

1953 Dirty condition of Pump Seats caused by children walking on them.

1953 Death of Mr T G Hilder reported. Clerk for 27 years and councillor for 10 years.

1953 £35-1-1 raised in house-to-house collection for the Lord Mayor's Flood Relief appeal.

1953 Sedlescombe Bonfire Society asked if they could use the Village Green for a PT display on a platform.

1953 At Parish Assembly the Rev. Martin reported on land to rear of Blacksmith's forge which it was hoped would be equipped as a children's playground. Sir John Keeling to arrange levelling.

1953 Flower tubs for Village Green offered by Mrs Widdrington Stafford of Meadowgreen. Mr E Boxall to fill and plant.

1953 Iron guard fitted around Pump.

1953 SPC to ask ESCC to close Short Hill to vehicular traffic.

1953 Public Inquiry held to consider the Battle RDC application to obtain a loan for the purpose of providing water for Sedlescombe and other parishes.

1954 Clerk wrote to Battle RDC that large tank placed on Village Green to provide water whilst well being cleansed and certain digging had caused damage

1954 SPC agreed to become Trustee of land near Powdermills (4 for and 2 against) but without any financial responsibility. Sedlescombe Playing Fields Association urged to try to obtain ownership from Hastings Corporation.

1954 Clerk to apply to County Planning Officer for permission to use the Brook land at Oaklands estate as a recreation ground for playing footpath and cricket.

1954 Penshurst Dairy and Messrs Thomas & Son to be asked to re-instate the Green where they had caused damage.

1954 Cost of work to well following pollution £60-17-6.

1954 Draft Trust Deed produced for children's playground.

1954 Hastings Corporation agreed to sell land for children's playground to Sedlescombe Playing Fields Association for £40.

1954 Evidence forms sent to support footpath through Footlands Wood (Forestry Commission objected). Mr S Post of Hooks Beech used for 50 years and Mr C Sellens of Cripps Corner used for 59 years.

1954 Decided to have four more notices painted "No Parking on the Village Green".

1954 Owner refused to sell or lease ground at Oaklands.

1954 SPC decided flower tubs on Village Green should be removed.

1954 Meeting of SPC and residents of Balcombe Green about making up by CC of Short Hill at a cost of £200.

1954 Resolved to claim £10 from Mrs E Hook of 16 East View Terrace who drove her car across the top piece of the Village Green and demolished the oak fence which surrounded the oak tree. Mrs Hook sent claim to other person's insurance company. Insurance Company said claim was excessive -reduced to £5-10-0.

1955 Playing field land sold to Parish Council, Rev.Martin and Mr A G Roberts

1955 Tennis courts built and play equipment installed.

1955 Mr James spoke of unruly behaviour of schoolchildren when leaving school and suggested attendance of a Police Officer.

1955 Parish Assembly informed that Sedlescombe had been awarded second place in Most Active Village Competition.

1955 Planning permission for use of Oaklands Playing Field as recreation ground received.

1955 Equipment arrived for children's playground. Grant of £108 received from Education Authority.

1955 Telephone and electric companies to be asked to lay wires underground when roads taken up to lay water mains.

1955 Battle RDC operating cesspool emptying service charging 35/-for first 100 galls and 25/-for each subsequent load.

1955 Site for Pictorial Village Sign painted by Miss Cumming approved on grass verge outside Sherrald.

1955 Battle RDC wrote stating that water had been struck at 149ft and that a 14-day test of supply would shortly be taken.

1955 District Valuer valued 7 acres Oaklands at £800.

1955 SPC to purchase two name signs with the Sussex Coat of Arms for sum of £3-18-0 each. 1955 Inquiry into Footland Footpath objection.

1955 Harassment of pedestrians by horses on footpath at Castlemans referred to RDC.

1955 Public meeting to be held to discuss Sunday tennis.

1956 Main water provided in Village

1956 Closure of slaughterhouse and butcher (Holmes)

1956 Chairman made sympathetic reference to illness of Clerk's son.

1956 SPC to take steps to acquire the field adjoining the Riverbridge but owner still refused to let PC have the land. Resolved to ask CC to acquire Oaklands lane compulsorily.

1956 Planning permission for name signs received. 1956 Shrubs planted in flower tubs.

1956 Letter from Mr D Fairhall of Westfield complaining about closure of tennis courts on Sundays.

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