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Council - Extracts from Minutes 1957-68
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Complaint about char-a-bancs being parked around the Village Green for long periods of the day.


Letter from Bennenden Parish Council offering to sell 100 3ft oak posts @ 5/- each for protection of village green.

Decided to obtain price for converting allotments to playing field.


Letter received re PCVT further possibility of obtaining land at Oaklands for recreation ground.

Letter from Hastings Corporation re new byelaws about water pollution at Gt Sanders

Request from Young Wives that permanent hole made in village green for Christmas tree not approved.

Clerk to ask Messrs Dicker for estimate for kerbing village green


Application to county council to be made to increase number of councillors to 9 from 7 (agreed 19/8/58)

Parish Assembly 25/3/58

Suggestion made that road east side of village green be made one way road


Dr Wright elected Vice Chairman at Annual Meeting.


County Surveyor wrote stating that plain concrete kerbing would be unsuitable on the village green as would not conform to amenities of the area.

Confidential letter from Battle RDC saying they were considering acquisition of Rose Cottages with view to demolition and erection on site of old people's dwellings. SPC reluctant to see old cottages demolished and that they would demur against the demolition of Nos1 & 2 if it is at all possible to save and restore them.

Estimates to be obtained from Messrs R W Dicker & Co and Messrs Rutherfords for levelling allotment field with a view to using it for recreation.


Dr Wright to speak at official opening of Sedlescombe Waterworks on October 22nd


Mrs Beale of Copse Cottage, Hurst Lane considers bus timetable at Hurst Lane is fixed too high to read properly


Village pump broke down.


PC resolved that as long as there is demand for the water whether for drinking or other purposes, it should be made available.


Owing to pollution decided to close pump down. After Dr Wright had fully explained the position it was agreed that as the RDC had undertaken to supply a stand pipe for the deposed pump users, we would not press for the pump to be repaired.

Mr Everett raised the matter of a sewage nuisance which was being caused at Chapel Hill from the house occupied by Mr H Button .


Special meeting for Council to meet the Surveyor RDC to discuss new sewerage scheme.


Dr Wright to oppose any proposal to build the pumping station at the north side of the river.

Standpipe not yet erected decided not to press for a standpipe as there are so few users


Special Assembly re kerbing village green (those portions which receive the most damage). Opposition on cost, urbanisation, suggestion of oak posts instead of kerbing.

Voting 16 in favour of kerbing, 26 against.

Council decided to invite subscriptions to create a fund to carry out kerbing village green.


Dr Wright complained present bus times were not convenient for persons attending his surgery.

Clerk instructed to ask RDC to assist framing suitable byelaws for village green.

Grass verge from Riverbridge to entrance to Oaklands Park was rapidly being worn away by motors. ESCC to be asked to provide a footpath in conjunction with scheme for pedestrian bridge.


Mrs Clark of Homestall complaining of untidy condition outside the furniture shop.

Mr Everett offered to pay for root pruning trees on village green.


BKV competition to be entered.

Mr Duncan raised question of speed limit in Brede Lane wanted it moved beyond East View Terrace.

Parish Assembly question of protection of village green. Further vote taken 18 for, 6 against all steps within the powers of the PC to be taken to protect the village green.

Map put on view to ask those present whether there were any recognised footpaths not shown. No suggestions made.


Quotations considered of 100/acre for laying out allotment field as recreation ground.


Pestalozzi officially inaugurated on United Nations Day.


Council agreed to sell piece of land at Playing Field for sewerage Pumping Station.

Petition received objecting to the proposed route of the overhead cable from Lydd to over Whydown Hill area.

Original byelaws found.


Decided to designate land between bottom of Chapel Hill to Blackbrooks Tollgate Road.


Alternative route for overhead cable from Lydd considered at a special council meeting as outside parish boundary, no observations.


Clerk's yearly salary £20.

Permission received from Ministry re financing of conversion allotments to playing fields. County council agreed to grant £450 and 3% loan of £400 through Playing Fields Association. Balance to be raised by local effort, the estimated cost of £1400.


Unexploded bomb laying on the playing field (allotment field). Army investigated and could not find it.


Fire blight disease posters to be obtained.


Shortage of personnel in the Civil Defence Corps.


Objection raised to Rother re condition of village green following laying of sewerage pipes


Estimate far in excess of previous figures for conversion of allotment field to recreation ground. Other sites considered. Did not go ahead with conversion of allotment field because of high cost.


Stone flower tubs to be moved nearer Pumphouse.


Sir John Keeling offered to make exchange of one of his fields to the east of Tithe Barn for the old allotment field. Might be useful as sportsfield.


No parking signs on village green.

Considered at Parish Assembly whether Pumphouse should be pulled down or whether ratepayers would be willing to meet the cost.

Vigorously fighting for improved conditions at Paygate Corner.

Fred Phillips , connected with Village for over 40 years now retired from business and removed to St Leonards , to retire as Clerk to the PC


Special meeting re recreation ground, village green and pumphouse.


Negotiations and discussions re site next to Tithe Barn for Sportsfield. Planning permission requested and Parish Assembly asked for approval for the Council to raise the necessary funds but it was agreed work should be done voluntarily.

John Campbell to mow village green for £30 for the season.


Major repairs to be carried out to Pump House. Existing Horsham slabs could not be used again satisfactorily unless extra boarding used. Dennis Thomas suggested retiling with old peg tiles, which was agreed. Council authorised to issue an additional Rate Precept of Fourpence (4d) to help meet expenses incurred in repairing the village green and pumphouse (27 in favour, 4 against). Cost £336-6-0.


Decided not to proceed with exchange of land (allotment field with Sir John Keeling's land near Tithe Barn) as three offers received for the allotment field.


New village sign to be made by Mr P Salkeld and painted by Miss Cummings .

Poster received regarding smoking and lung cancer.

Chairman SPC . Mr P Howe , appointed Chairman Battle District Association.

Agreed to abandon exchange of fields for sportsfield as no agreement could be reached re vehicular access which depended on diversion of the public footpath. Decided to abandon idea. Later (August 62), District Valuer wrote saying Allotment Field was more valuable should sell Allotment Field with planning permission for residential development.

Parish council to ask to be consulted on any planning matter in the parish.


Planning permission for residential development of allotment field granted to Parish Council.


SPC asked Parish Assembly for authorisation to sell allotment field to best advantage refused.


Chairman elected to Executive Committee of Sussex Association.

Piece of Pump House ceiling fallen down.

Horsham slabs from Pump House sold to D Baird of Four Winds for 15.

Suggestion made that Pestalozzi be approached for use of one of their fields as a sportsfield.

Miss Reeves applied for position as Clerk to the Parish Council.


First meeting with Miss Reeves as Clerk Salary £32p.a.

�38 estimate for kerbing Green in front of Barrack Cottages

Local boys continue to damage seats in Pump House.

Parish Council to sell applies on allotment field for best price - £2 obtained.


Serious accidents occurring at Paygate Corner.


Consideration again given to use of 5 acres of Pestalozzi field as sportsfield.

Battle RDC Housing Officer ( Mr Harvey ) explained scheme to rebuild Rose Cottages as old people's houses. Nos 1 and 2 to be retained as requested in 1958 by SPC. Rent of flatlets to be �2 a week including lighting and heating.


American style gantry sign, 16@ high spanning the road, offered at dangerous Paygate Corner. Assembly strongly against.

PC agreed to accept Pestalozzi's offer of a lease for 60 years on 5 acres at Oaklands adjoining A229. Sanction of Parish Assembly to sell allotment field (4.307 acres) to be sought.


Parish Assembly. Mention made that Pestalozzi Field given planning permission for recreational purposes in 1955.

Approval given by Assembly for sale of allotment field of 4.307 acres to best advantage.

The Chairman spoke of the replacement of Horsham Slab tiles by old red peg tiles which was necessary because the old slabs were in a bad condition and damage from frost could not be guaranteed. The total cost, which included a credit of £15 for the sale of the Horsham Slabs was 329-16s-0d. This was paid by means of a special precept of 4d in the realising £188 and the balance from the General Fund at credit of the Parish Council. Major Haddon thought that a good job had been made of the restoration and all agreed.


Reported that kerbing of village green by Barrack Cottage would be started next week. Further kerbing, from Pump House to bottom of Green considered essential because of erosion.

Suggestion made that an old drum which the Rector had and used to belong to the Village Band should be given to the Salvation Army.

Although Council made representation to Councils, Committees and the MP, it had been agreed to erect a high gantry sign across the road at Paygate Corner in an effort to stop accidents.


Bridge Garage to sell Parish Council mower, valued at £15.


Reported that gantry sign up at Paygate Corner.

Sale of Allotment Field to be by Auction on 20/9/63.

Agreed 2 tubs could go on indefinite loan to Mr Bush of Dixons shop and 2 on indefinite loan to Dr Wright .


Chairman of Parish Council objected to application to turn Holmes House into a restaurant on aesthetic grounds and because of lack of parking.


New proposals for a short-term lease of sportsfield from Pestalozzi . Unanimous agreement.

Report that allotment field sold to Capital Industries Ltd. for £8542-18-2.


Clerk asked permission to rebind Minute Book of 1954-63.


Village pictorial sign put up (painting started by Miss Cummings and completed by Mrs Aris ).


SPC resolved to prosecute person who damaged the Green with his lorry estimated legal costs £10.


New bus shelter erected at Hurst Lane.


Application to be made to landlord of Queen's Head to erect a new noticeboard in his garden. Agreed. Estimates to be obtained.


New old people's flats to be called either Roselands or Rose Court. Roselands chosen.

Meeting to be held in Watch Oak on Local Government reorganisation.


Plans for revised layout of village green announced.

SPC agreed new estate on allotments fields should be called Park Shaw.


House to house collection for Churchill Memorial Fund. £131-10 raised in Sedlescombe.


Parish Assembly.� Reported that The Nairn Development Property Company intend building 11 bungalows in the allotment field.


Mrs Haddon offered to pay for new seats at the Pump House in memory of her husband Mjr Haddon .


Objections made to the Council re calling new Estate Park Shaw as this is a field on Sir John Keeling 's estate.

PC agreed to put up some stone footpath markers.

Telephone kiosk to be erected opposite village hall.


Boundary Commission sitting Although the Chairman thought this would have little effect on Sedlescombe Parish boundaries, the effect on parishes bordering Hastings such as Westfield, Battle, Fairlight etc. could well be considerable.


Parish Council donated £10 towards Enterprise Neptune and National Trust appeal to preserve the coastline from future development.

Damage to gables of Pump House caused by stone throwing.

Objection to noise from Gregory's Bakery made to Council starting at 4am and thought to be due to washing machines.


New seats at Pump House erected. Mrs Haddon thanked.


Grant made to village hall committee towards extension and re-equipment of kitchen.

Consent form signed for telephone cables below village green.

Request for financial help for tennis courts made by Sedlescombe Playing Field Trust. Play impossible at tennis courts.


Housing Officer of Battle RDC announced building of 44 new houses at EVT causing curtailment of some existing gardens.

SPC to ask Battle RDC for a free car park, bus shelter and public conveniences site below Tithe Barn suggested.

Retirement fund for Mr Smith , Sedlescombe's postman for 40 years, started - £94-2-0 presented to Mr S at meeting in the village hall.


Sedlescombe Sewerage scheme to begin.


Owing to present financial state of the country, the provision of a public convenience was deferred for 12 months. Battle RDC agreed with request for car park. Most suitable site behind Queen's Head.


Estimate of £70 obtained for sportsfield pavilion. Cricket Club and Football Club to contribute £20 each and parish council £30.

Request made by PC for parking restrictions on village green.


Complaints about litter spreading across the village green from the Bakery and about noise from the loading of lorries at 4am. Decided private legal action was only remedy.


Village green registered.

Chairman to attend planting of English Oak in Asten Fields to commemorate 900th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings.


Parish Assembly told that tennis courts were unfit for play. Parish Assembly authorised parish council to finance most of the courts repair.

Request for street lighting in Brede Lane.

Assembly wished to see widening of Brede Lane carried out as soon as possible.


Pc pressed for earlier and later buses and bus to Battle.


Special assembly attended by 73 of the public held to discuss advisability of imposing a 4d rate to cover the cost of restoration of the tennis courts. All voted against.


Reconstruction of pictorial village sign considered. Donation of £25 given to Churchyard Fund.

Mr Bage of Holly Oak, Chapel Hill to act as Emergency Liaison Officer with Mrs V Clark of Homestall Oast as his assistant.


Friends of Mr Salkeld to repaint village signboard without charge.

Delay in getting Brede Lane widened and footway constructed.

Public convenience to be discussed by Battle RDC.


Parish Council asked by Playing Fields Association to take over maintenance of Playing Field. Maintenance of tennis courts to be handed to Tennis Club. Parish Council offered a grant of £30.

Dr Wright reported that footways to be constructed on both sides of Brede Lane, one leading to Gorselands and one to EVT.


Report of proceedings in Magistrates Court authorising new layout of village green.

Suggestion that insufficient room on noticeboard. Estimated by D Thomas of £47 accepted.


New village sign declared as handsome by the Council.

Still awaiting footways in Brede Lane.

Decided to place new noticeboard next to the pillar box.


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