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Council Extracts from Minutes 1980 to 2005
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Planning permission granted (RR/80/2363) for use of land at Tithe Barn Restaurant Car Park for the display of cars for sale and parking.  No advertising without approval of the Planning Authority
Winner of Two Counties Best Kept Village Championship


Runner Up, Best Kept Village in All Sussex
Winner of ESCC Anti-Litter Prize


Runner Up, Best Kept Village in All Sussex


Awarded certificate of merit in Two Counties Championship

Parish Council nominated conversion of Sedlescombe School to residential accommodation by R E Charles Design & Build for an Award for Outstanding Design

Plans for car park, public conveniences and residential accommodation in Brede Lane


Awarded certificate of merit in East Sussex Small Village Best Kept Village Competition

Bowls Club to look at possibility of using the land between Tithe Barn Car Park and tennis courts for Bowls Green but costs too high

Box of dead pigeons and a large amount of fish waste found in layby opposite The Anchorage in Hawkhurst Road

Businesses invited to advertise in the 1985 edition of What’s What in Sedlescombe

Experimental blocks put at bottom of Green to slow traffic leaving the main road

Parish Councillors attended Home Defence Emergency Feeding Course

Permission given for caravan park at Whydown Farm, Crazy Lane

Problems caused by smoke from charcoal burners in Marley Lane

Purchase of sportsfield

Wooden interior of pump  fire damaged by vandals


Battle Police Station closed 10pm to 8am

BBC VHF TV relay station erected in Brede Lane

Canadian maple planted at sportsfield to mark purchase of the field

Complaints to Rother about bonfire burning day after day in Village centre

Lift Scheme ended after being run since 1980 by Mrs Wheatley

Neighbourhood Watch Scheme started

Plans for improvement of the A21/A229 junction published

Referendum regarding inclusion of public conveniences in Brede Lane development.  58% of those that replied voted for public conveniences and 42% against

Resident offered four street lights for centre of village.  Questionnaire to gauge support was inconclusive so Parish Council voted against acceptance

Sedlescombe won small village section of East Sussex Best Kept Village Competition


17 people helped on a spring clean day to tidy the Village

Archery Club began to use the sportsfield.  Approval for hut obtained

Sedlescombe Sportsfield – Oaklands Park chosen as name for the sportsfield.  New aluminium sign erected

Parish Emergency Plan to be updated

Seat in memory of Mr Bill Hook unveiled at sportsfield

Final repayment of £6000 loan for village hall repairs

3 Neighbourhood Watch signs to be put up

Awarded second prize in 1986 small village East Sussex anti-litter competition.  £75 cheque spent on new litter bin for Gammons Way  


Kissing gate installed at sportsfield entrance by Pilot Club

Sports Association suggested planting rows of conifers across the field between pitches.  Council did not approve

Plans announced  to demolish old properties at East View Terrace

Home Defence Team members attended training courses on Radiac Reporting, Community Feeding, First Aid and Community Signals

Sportsfield fence damaged in road traffic accident

Hurricane 16 October.  Widespread damage

County Council encouraged planting of trees

Parish Tree Disaster Fund opened.  Residents donated £379 and the Sussex Men of the Trees £100.

Comprehensive survey of footpaths and bridleways after the storm.  A third of paths had some obstruction

Council made collection of residents’ experiences of the hurricane


Car park and public conveniences opened February 1988

Sportsfield extension completed

Second garage erected at sportsfield

Alterations at southern end of village green completed

BT agreed to erect public telephone kiosks at junction of A229 and A21

Parish Council provided “poop scoops” for dog owners to clear up mess hygienically

Problems with dog fouling at sportsfield

Planning permission granted for storage of 4 light aircraft at Spilstead Farm and limited taking off and landing of light aircraft

Approval given for demolition of Sedlescombe Service Station and erection of houses

Concern that the high price of houses makes it very difficult for young people to get into the housing market


Sedlescombe Village Appraisal

News given that the Coach and Horses is to be sold

Tennis courts resurfaced

Final repayment of £6600 loan for purchase of the sportsfield made

Best Kept Village judges criticised deterioration of old part of East View, the playground, the Coach and Horses and Sedlescombe Service Station

120 bed hotel proposed at Aldershaw Farm on A21

Working group set up to consider building of a new village hall

Rother asked by Parish Council to collect newspapers.  Not economic but whole subject of recycling being considered.  Battle Scouts collecting newspapers


PC Bryan Graves presented with cheque on leaving village as village policeman

Sheila Betts elected first lady chairman of Parish Council

Site next to tennis courts considered for new village hall

Roundabout at playground vandalised

Concerns raised about increasing problem of traffic, particularly commercial vehicles.  Traffic census advised

Application submitted for 15 new houses at the rear of Balcombe Green

Approval of conversion of Coach & Horses to residential

Concern about children riding bicycles on the pavement

Redevelopment of East View Terrace approved.  Rother tenants voted overwhelmingly in favour of voluntary transfer to Orbit Housing Association

PC Coates became village policeman and organised a newly-formed Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Pump on Green to be surrounded by a grille following damage to the lead

Complaints about the length of time it was taking to remove fallen trees from footpaths

Sheep worrying posters supplied to the Parish Council by MAFF

Application made to turn 7 acres of land at Lower Marley Farm into an animal/bird sanctuary open to the public with a tea shop and produce/craft shop.  Subsequently refused by Rother and on appeal


Diversion of bridleway at Spilstead Farm, Stream Lane

Farm diversification noted – clay pigeon shooting, war games, dirt track racing with stock cars and boot fairs

Sedlescombe in Bloom Garden Safari organised by Parish Council

Traffic survey carried out by 40 people.  Numbers of lorries lower than expected


Application for an industrial estate in Marley Lane was refused after a Public Inquiry


Attempt made by Rother District Council to buy the Precious Field as a local authority cemetery

Sedlescombe PCC bought Precious Field for extension of Sedlescombe Churchyard


Death of Diana, Princess of Wales
Slides, tapes, transcripts of “Reminiscences of Sedlescombe” were left to Pauline Raymond for the local history archives by Frank Johnson on his death
60 sites of Local Nature Conservation Importance in Rother District designated 09/07/1997


Change in emphasis at Pestalozzi with young children no longer brought into the country

Closure of women’s section of Royal British Legion

Kaye Crittell resigned from parish council

Nick Foord co-opted to Parish Council

Policy devised regarding notices on Village Green

Red Barn Field purchased in December at Auction for £27000

Renew of permission to fly from Spilstead airstrip approved

Competition launched to find a design for the Sedlescombe Millennium Mug

Ruth Hodges to buy a new seat for halfway up Church Hill

Larger dog bin installed at playground

Village sign repainted by Julia Chapman

Planning application for cider making in New England Lane withdrawn

Footpath repairs carried out by team from Hastings Ramblers

Royal British Legion Women’s Section closed because of age and infirmity

Autumn Lady’s Tresses orchids found on the verge at Gorselands


Arrangements made to move new hall to Red Barn Field and to transfer part of the Parish Council’s land to the village hall charity

Contract for resurfacing tennis courts and replacing fencing let to Leisure Surfaces Ltd.

County Council proposal to allow 35 hectares of land at Marley Farm in Marley  Lane as a new landraise site for waste disposal, dumping 1.7 million cubic metres of waste probably consisting of household, industrial, commercial, construction and demolition waste

Japanese knotweed a problem on banks of River Brede

Jenny Mitchell and Michael O’Dowd joined parish council

Matthew Wilson elected to District Council

Parish Council asked to sell land adjacent to the tennis courts to increase depth of land fronting The Street

Plans submitted for a 25 acre industrial estate in Marley Lane providing 12000m2 of light industrial/office development.  Illustrative layout of 13 large units, 600 car parking spaces, 10 cycle racks, a bus layby and associated estate roads.  Estimated 1400 traffic movements a day would be generated

Resident of Balcombe Green wanted to purchase Red Barn Field

Riverside playground closed in winter because of slippery surfaces

Listed building consent obtained to replace lathe and plaster ceiling at Pumphouse with one made of tongued and grooved boards

Further consideration regarding traffic calming in Village Green sliproad

Sportsfield damaged by a car being driven across.  Posts inserted around car park

Millennium mugs on sale for £3.50 each


106 agreement signed that village hall planning permission at sportsfield will not be taken up

Beryl Lucey died

Bridge Garage petrol pumps closed June 2000

BT put cables under the Village Green and in January 2001 inserted a new underground joint box

Chairman of East View Residents’ Association suddenly left his house

Clerk presented with inscribed silver paper knife in recognition of 25 years of service with Sedlescombe Parish Council

Complaint to Robert Cole about plane approaching airstrip from the wrong direction

Concerns expressed about the junction of Pestalozzi road and Chapel Hill

Contract let for building of new village hall at Red Barn Field

Countryside stewardship area established in area of Church Hill Farm north of Red Barn Field

Discussion with Sports Association about new pavilion

District Wards Periodic Review announced

Every Sedlescombe right of way walked 29 & 30 April 2000

Found that fungus is attacking the roots  of the Red oak on village green.  Tree removed soon afterwards

Hedge laid by Holford Pitcher on northern side of Red Barn Field

John Prescott MP asked to speak at Parish Assembly.  No reply so Dr Barry Yates was asked

Local Nature Reserve and Countryside Stewardship scheme proposed at Pestalozzi

Michael O’Dowd resigned from the council

Millennium Church service held

Millennium tapestry worked on by group of Sedlescombe women.  Applications submitted for lottery funding for framing the finished tapestry

Millennium mugs produced.  Given to each child in Sedlescombe

New SPC/Tennis Club licence approved

Parish Council agreed to erect a seat at the sportsfield in memory of a past chairman, David Woodman

Parish Council concerned about pollution of Rivers Brede and Line and about the control of invasive weeds

Parish Council sent letters in support of rural post offices

Park Shaw residents complained about Bellwinch’s building site in Orchard Way

Problems with parking in Gammons Way reported

Ralph Dellow co-opted to Parish Council

Residents asked for electricity key charging facilities in the village

School website set up by Jonathan Tegg

Sedlescombe selected as one of two villages taking part in the Rural Tourism Initiative

Signs outside Clockhouse Bistro altered

Tennis courts resurfaced and refenced

Time capsule buried by Pestalozzi

Trees planted at the School to celebrate the Millennium

Village Hall building commenced

Village shop refused permission to extend as designed by owner

Wells in Red Barn Field covered and a drainage pipe inserted across the field

Widespread flooding, sandbags distributed in Sedlescombe

Work started on building new hall December 2000


Change of use of Red Barn Field to nature park approved

Fund-raising for new village hall continued

Funds from the Rural Tourism Initiative used to provide furniture at Red Barn Field Nature Park

New five-year management agreement for Brede Lane car park granted to Parish Council by Rother DC

Problems of water reported for residents at bottom of village green

Problems reported by residents of properties converted from old school with water coming from Red Barn Field

Rocking rockette removed from Riverside playground

Scheme to replace some drainage in The Street approved

Scheme to widen the Pestalozzi entrance approved

Wooden footbridge over River Brede repaired

Tennis pavilion removed because it had become a hazard

30mph speed limit extended near new village hall

Cllr Bill Beaney who had been Chairman of the Council from 1986 to 1990 resigned

Complaints made that the police had not attended a “999” call by the Clerk

Crime and Safety public meeting held September 2001

Kickabout Area grants obtained

Local resident offered to pay for framing of the tapestry

New Council computer and software approved

New hall flooded a week after being opened and floor badly damaged

New village hall booklet produced

Old village hall demolished and approval given for new house

Pumphouse roof repaired at a total cost of £5306.22+VAT

Ralph Dellow appointed Environment officer

Safer Villages scheme commenced with Sedlescombe as a pilot

Sedlescombe Directory produced

Sedlescombe Parish Council decided to try to get two Special Constables for the village

Sportsfield closed temporarily because of foot and mouth epidemic

Survey of street nameplates carried out by councillors

Temporary closure of rural paths because of foot and mouth epidemic

Tennis Fun morning held

Village hall opened

Work on Sedlescombe Parish Plan agreed


A Walk through History in Sedlescombe drafted

Battle Partnership healthcheck carried out

Complaints about state of Sedlescombe’s footpaths

Complaints about unprofessional attitude of landlords of Queens Head

County Council inserted 6” pipe from bottom of Chapel Hill, across Pestalozzi road and into Sportsfield ditch

Footpaths Leaflet drafted

Hall closed for replacement of flood-damaged floor

Kickabout area revamped, shelter built

Model Code of Conduct adopted by parish council March 2002

New Directory produced

New lighter touch audit regime introduced

Parish Council registered with Data Protection Act

Parish Plan surveys completed and parish plan produced

Powdermill Lane name changed to Reservoir Lane

Red Barn Field Nature Park school visit and competition

Rother agreed to provide new nameplates

Tourist board erected at Brede Lane car park

Unveiling of tapestry installed at the hall in April by Pauline Raymond

New site needed for proposed skateboard ramp

Jenny Fletcher decorated kickabout area shelter

Safer Villages Scheme arranging Lifeline, home security advice, property engraving

Efforts made to protect skylarks in local fields


Crime and safety meeting held in village hall

Rother draft planning strategy issued

Parish Council approached local farmer about a piece of land that could be suitable for the skateboard ramp.

Sedlescombe website set up by Garner Digital Media.


Sedlescombe Youth Projects Forum could not find anyone willing to be trustees of the proposed skateboard park.

Sedlescombe Traffic Action Group carried out survey and produced an action plan.

Lack of confidence in the Police reported by Neighbourhood Watch following repeated caravan break-ins in Churchland Lane and drinking parties at the telephone exchange.

Resident beaten with iron bar.

Police Community Support Officers started work in the Rother area.

Parish Council contributed a proportion of the cost of surfacing the village hall car park.

Sportsfield car park extended.

Speed Indicator Devices on offer with East Sussex County Council paying 50% of the cost.

Problems with overflowing recycling bins.

Complaints about mobile snack bar in layby on A21.

Conservation area proposed in centre of Village by Rother DC.

Forty species of wildflowers identified on the verges of Gorselands.

Electric blanket testing morning arranged.

Quality Status awarded to Parish Council.

Grass verges being damaged by vehicles.

Rhododendrons and undergrowth cut back at churchyard.  Daffodils planted.

Emergency Group set up.


Dangers for pedestrians walking from Brede Lane to the shop.

Riverside Playground  Regeneration Group set up.

Proposals that parish and towns councils should take over public conveniences

Emergency Plan produced.

Hawkhurst Road layby to be closed off if the necessary materials can be found.

Parish Council handed the under-10s playground at East View back to Orbit Housing Association.

Buzz Project in Sedlescombe to find what over 11-year-olds would like to do.

Mini-motorcycles causing problems

Quality Council Grant obtained for office equipment.

Tennis Club moved to golf course courts.

Nomad Bus for youngsters visited Village.

“Rethink Rubbish” bus available.

No site for new seat leading to Roselands could be found.

New large litter bin installed at Riverside playground.

Container placed at sportsfield car park for storage of goals etc.

Work undertaken by Footpaths Working Group.

Work undertaken at the churchyard by Environment Working Group .

Dog fouling problems continue.

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