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July 1891

Flower Show.  A gentle reminder of the approaching Flower Show may be desirable – this interesting event is fixed for Wednesday August 19 in Oaklands Park.  To add to the attractions of this now established institution, the Battle Band will attend and play at intervals during the afternoon.  It is hoped that a cricket match will be arranged between a team from Brighton and the All Sedlescombe Eleven.  We know the old proverb “When Greek meets Greek” etc., well we advise all lovers of this excellent group to come and see for themselves.  The entrance into the Park only costs a few pence after a certain hour.


Sept 1891

At flower show, “At one end of the tent a beautiful model of Sedlescombe Church, the work of Mr John Dengate of Sedlescombe was displayed.”


5 Oct 1891

Free education started for children at Sedlescombe School.


November 1891

Rector requested donations towards lamps for the Church instead of candles.  Cost £12 – in the event the cost was £24-10-6 for 10 iron and brass lamps.


July 1897

Description of Queen Victoria Jubilee and new flag on Church


31 July 1897

Burial of Boyce Harvey Combe aged 81 years


May 1897

Discussion on ways to celebrate Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria “A Victoria Fountain in the centre of the Village was thought suitable but that fell through.  A Pump has been suggested now, but there are pumps and pumps and some pumps would utterly spoil our Village Green.”



Markwick’s stores, Sedlescombe Post & Telegraph Office


Nov 1897

Parochial library

Hobble-de-hoys in Church


Feb 1898

“Spring will soon be here and with it the primroses, violets etc. and loving hands will make the graves of the churchyard look bright and cared for with lovely blossoms, instead of the artificial wreaths that have appeared during the winter on so many graves and make our beautiful churchyard look more like a foreign cemetery than an English burial place.”


July 1898

Son of Horace & Rose Martin – Hubert Leo


Aug 1898

“Haymaking.  The grass crop this year which has now been all, or nearly all, safely gathered together, is perhaps one of the largest and heaviest ever remembered in Sedlescombe.  There was also an exceptionally fine season to cut the grass and convert it into hay.  We hope all made their hay whilst

the sun shone.  You doubtless must have noticed how much grass was mown by machines this year.”


Sept 1906

“Hopping is expected to begin at once and the village will once more be deserted for a time.  We hope it may prove a good one for all concerned.”


Jan 1907

Marriage George Clements and Kate Furner


May 1907

“Ye Olde Oak and Iron Curiosity Shop”


June 1908

Formation of Rifle Club


Sept 1908

Schoolboys trip to London.  Left Sedlescombe in a trap at 7.10, arrived Robertsbridge at 8.30, arrived Cannon Street at 10.20.  Evening caught 8.10 for Robertsbridge arriving Sedlescombe at 11.45


April 1909

Gregorys Bread


April 1905 Diploma of Merit London

Sept 1905 Gold Medal 1st prize Sussex

Nov 1905 3rd prize Open to all England

Sept 1907 lst prize Gold Medal for Sussex

Sept 1909 Bronze medal, and 3rd prize for Sussex

“Don’t merely exist, but eat our bread to LIVE”.


Aug 1909

HBB Memorial


Nov 1910

Sedlescombe & Whatlington Nursing Association rules


March 1911

Late Reuben Kenward (68 years)


June 1911

Coronation of King George


July 1911

Burial of Mrs Combe (88) – see amendment Aug 1911


Nov 1911

Coronation balance sheet

District Nurse Laker living at Linton House


Dec 1911

Parish Council kindly placed seats at Church, Stream Hill and Herst Lane corner.  This enables all the inhabitants of Sedlescombe and neighbourhood to come to Church by easy stages.


Jan 1912

Nursing Association Report for year to 31/10/11


Jan 1912

R Thomas – Milk van to Hastings twice daily 5.30am and 1pm for passengers and parcels


Feb 1912

Letters re Florence Amy Combe’s horse


October 1912

Village Hall Fund opened with £21:19s.  Hoped Hall will be built in 1913.


Sept 1913

Mrs Warner & Miss Pratt have each most kindly given a piece of ground for the site of a hall or halls.


Oct 1913

Harvey T B Combe offered his newly acquired ground – accepted as ideal site.


Oct 1913

With the hoppers at Spilstead Farm


March 1914

Coach and Horses fire


June 1914

Ladies Cricket Club.  Practices on Tues & Thurs at 6pm in Oaklands Park ground.  Captain Miss Gibbs, secretary Miss F Dengate.


June 1914

Empire Day – the growing observance of the never-to-be-forgotten birthday of Queen Victoria, as an occasion for commemorating the virtues of patriotism and love of Fatherland and enforcing the lessons of loyalty and worthy citizenship, has been kept in Church and School.


Aug 1914

Son of Horace William and Emily Ethel Martin – John William



Rev Browne left Sedlescombe after 5 ½ years, Rev Tourtel took over temporarily then rev Henry Percival


Sept 1914

Mr Frank Thomas has kindly undertaken to ring the church bell each weekday at noon to remind us to pray for our sailors, soldiers, chaplains, doctors and nurses at the War.


February 1915

Small bundles of comforts to Sedlescombe men


March 1915

1200+ soldiers sheltered in Village.


Dec 1915

Letter Amy Combe re sale of work


Red Cross Society making of garments for men at the Front.

Sedlescombe & Westfield temporary hospital



Rector took on Whatlington parish as well


May 1936

Further problems with death watch beetle in the Church


July 1936

Mr Farrow harvested his hay early so Fete could be held


July 1936

Framed plan of Sedlescombe Church in 1632 presented to Church by Mr Gasson.


November 1936

Heating system in Village Hall


December 1936

Suggestions requested for celebration of coronation of King Edward VIII

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