Red Barn Field Nature Park is a little known area at the rear of Sedlescombe Village Hall which is maintained for the benefit of wildlife, particularly insects. There is a small pond which has been in existence for more than a hundred years which often dries out in the summer months. The remainder of the Field is grass which is cut once or twice a year with the arisings being removed. There is a seat as well as a picnic table. A gravel path runs through the Field giving easy access to the Village Hall from houses to the east.


The public is very welcome to walk through the Field although, through a Rother District Council Dog Control Order, dogs are not allowed into the Park.


The Council is grateful to the volunteers who, from time to time, help to maintain the area and to keep it free from pernicious weeds. One such volunteer is Colin Boyd who is maintaining some lists of wildlife species occurring in the area. His photos of insects will be displayed on the noticeboards. Remember to click on the photos to see larger images.