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Details of the Final Salary Award for Local Council Clerks from 01/04/2008 was received on 07/03/09 from The National Joint Council for Local Government Services. The new figures reflect an increase of 2.75%.


Sedlescombe Parish Council is requested to consider the following amendments to the Clerk's Salary for the 2008-9 financial year:


Spinal Column Point 30 = £13.108/hour

20 hours/week = £262.16/week or

£1,136.03/month or

£13,632.32 p.a.


Minute C08/09.72 records amendment of the Clerk's Salary for 2008-9 year to £13,592.43 p.a. in accordance with the NJC for Local Government Services agreement, pending arbitration. This now needs to be amended to £13,632.32 ie an additional payment of £39.89 in accordance with the 2008/9 National Final Salary Award for Local Council Clerks.