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Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan Project Group (SNPPG) - Minutes

MEETING ON TUESDAY 19 MARCH 2013 21:00 to 22:00

Members present - Cllrs Vine-Hall, Glew, Anson, Chapman, Eldridge, Lawrence, Mitchell, Parsons, Reynolds (ie the whole Council)
Pauline J Raymond (Clerk/RFO)

1. ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN OF THE GROUP. RESOLVED: That Cllr Vine-Hall should be Chairman of the Group.

2. INVITATIONS TO JOIN THE SNPPG. It was agreed that Lindsay Fraser should be invited to join the Group. Other people may be invited from time to time.

3. CO-ORDINATING THE DIFFERENT ASPECTS OF THE PLAN IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE TERMS OF REFERENCE AS APPROVED AT THE COUNCIL MEETING. Cllr Vine-Hall gave the group a resume of what involvement would be required. The Plan is expected to be relatively straightforward as it will simply identify site allocations and consider affordable housing. Sedlescombe already has twice the average number of affordable homes in all Rother villages. However, the Plan will have to be consistent with the Core Strategy and shared ownership properties might be a sensible alternative to rented social housing. He had drafted a list of tasks as follows:

  1. Visions Statement. The vision statement used in the Parish Plan 2002 will be considered.
  2. Description of the Process - Cllr Vine-Hall
  3. Profile - Pauline Raymond
  4. Grant applications - to be allocated
  5. Absorbing the core strategy policies - Cllr Parsons
  6. Absorbing the national planning policies - Cllr Lawrence
  7. Consultant's Brief - Cllr Vine-Hall. It is expected that Sedlescombe will need to employ a planning consultant to help draft the plan.
  8. Consultation Plan. Consultation is a very important part of preparing to do the Neighbourhood Plan. A first e-mail communication had been sent to those who had registered their e-mail addresses at the parish meeting last November. An e-mail address list will be maintained and, hopefully, expanded. A "request for sites" leaflet would be included with the 2013 Annual Report and Directory deliveries. It gives a closing date of 20/05/13 for information on sites to be sent to the Clerk. Members were invited to make any additions to the leaflet in the next day or so.
  9. Other evidence - should be able to obtain a lot from Rother DC
  10. Need for any village survey - to be allocated
  11. Report preparation - to be allocated
  12. Keeping files and details for reporting on our activity - Pauline Raymond
  13. Street Champions - Cllr Glew.

Other points:

4. DATE OF NEXT MEETING - 09/04/13 at 18:30.