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Neighbourhood Plan Project Group Minutes


Chair: Cllr J Vine-Hall
Cllrs Chapman, Lawrence, Parsons, Reynolds, Lindsay Fraser (co-opted voting member)
Pauline J Raymond (Clerk to Sedlescombe Parish Council)

45 Apologies. PG & RE - holiday. JM - ill

46 Interests. SPC has granted dispensation up to May 2015 to members as follows:

  1. Cllr Vine-Hall dispensation granted to allow him to participate and vote in discussions involving possible development sites in the parish even though he owns land adjacent to one of them.
  2. Cllr Chapman dispensation granted to allow him to participate and vote in discussions involving possible development sites in the parish even though he is a near neighbour of the Pestalozzi International Village.
  3. Lindsay Fraser dispensation to allow her to participate and vote in discussions involving possible development sites in the parish even though she is a near neighbour of one of them.

Cllrs Eldridge and Glew have also been granted dispensation which has not been listed because they were absent from the meeting.

47 Minutes. RESOLVED: That the Chairman of the Group is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Group held on 17/06/13.

48 Neighbourhood Plan Area approval by Rother District Council. The whole parish of Sedlescombe has been approved as the Neighbourhood Plan Area for Sedlescombe.

49 Funding. The Finance Committee of the Parish Council has been delegated to approve and monitor expenditure on the Neighbourhood Plan process. A grant of £7,000 had recently been awarded by the "Supporting Communities in Neighbourhood Planning Programme" for employment of the planning consultant. The value of the grant is actually £5,650 because the £1,350 VAT payable on the £6750 cost of the Planning Consult cannot be reclaimed. The funding is for work commencing on 11/08/13.

50 Planning Consultant. The Parish Council had approved rcoH's quote for limited assistance during the NH process for £6,750 at the rate of £500/day plus expenses, expected to be about £300.

51 Revised SHLAA. Rother has published a revised SHLAA showing Sedlescombe with 35 additional properties extra to the number already completed between 2011 and 2013, and those which are commitments having obtained planning permission. To note:

52 Consultation

  1. Residents' survey. To date 387 completed forms have been returned.
  2. Street Champions. Street champions have been visiting properties to try to encourage residents to complete and return their survey forms.
  3. E-mail database. 228 to date.
  4. Meetings with young people
    1. Meeting with Pestalozzi first year students. Successful meeting held on 26/06/13.
    2. Meeting with Pestalozzi second year students. Successful meeting held on 28/06/13.
    3. Meeting with Claverham Community College final year students. Meeting planned for Monday 22/07/13. Rother TV to film the session.
  5. Elderly. To be reached through the survey and street champions visiting.
  6. Businesses. Lindsay offered to visit the Queen's Head and Brickwall Hotel.
  7. Estate Agents. Lindsay has obtained some very useful information from two Estate Agents. She will continue to contact others.
  8. Publicity. Cllr Reynolds had contacted the local press. Andy Hemsley of the Battle Observer will be pleased to get a press release early next week and would like to take some photographs. Clerk to deal.
  9. Other. Cllr Vine-Hall has contacted the BBC.

53 Reminder of Linda Jones Research Evening on 13/08/13 starting at 18:00. The results of the survey will be provided for members. Following the release to the Council of the results, members will need to give all the sites consideration during the following week ready for the meeting on 20/08/13 when the sites will be categorised 1, 2 or 3.

54 Preparation for display at Sedlescombe Fayre. Cllr Lawrence and Lindsay Fraser will be in charge of the display at the Fayre on Saturday 27 July. Members discussed the format.

55 Preparation for exhibition to be held in Village Hall on 14-15 September. Cllrs Vine-Hall, Reynolds and Glew had attended an evening exhibition at Herstmonceux. The following was agreed:

  1. Clerk to write to landowners following the 20/08/13 meeting to tell them the results and ask them if they wish to provide material for the Exhibition regarding their sites.
  2. Garden Society boards to be used for the Sedlescombe exhibition (with agreement of the Chair, Cllr Parsons). Other boards might be needed in order to provide enough space.
  3. Set up on morning - probably take a couple of hours.
  4. Open the exhibition Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 16:00.
  5. Need to flow attendees around the hall in a logical sequence eg:
    1. Explanation of the NH Plan process.
    2. Highlighting of the key survey results.
    3. Showing each possible development site on a Google Map with the plan, categorised under 1 (can go forward), 2 (marginal), 3 rejected with lists of the advantages and disadvantages of each site. Possibly colour code sites.
    4. Show slides.
    5. Invite landowners to come to the exhibition to stand by the boards showing their sites.
    6. Ask attendees to choose enough acceptable sites to make up the 35 properties required in the Core Strategy.
    7. Any comments can be made by Sedlescombe residents (use of Electoral Roll).
  6. Arrangements will need to be firmed up at the next meeting on 20/08/13 .
  7. SHLAA sites will be assessed at the same time.

56 Preparation for exhibition to be held on Village Green on 16-18 September. Decided to drop.

57 Preparation of the Draft Neighbourhood Plan. No action to date.

58 Review of timetable. Working to timetable.

59 Date of meeting - 20/08/13 - subjects 1) Sites against criteria (approved through the survey); 2) Further arrangements for the exhibition.