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Parking & Traffic Advisory Committee Minutes


MEMBERS: Cllr R Eldridge (Chair)
Cllrs Chapman (part), Parsons, Vine-Hall (Chairman of the Council), Glew (Vice-Chairman of the Council)
Co-opted members: Mr Derek Wright, PCSO Demetrius Georghiou
Parish Clerk - Pauline J Raymond



10 MINUTES. To authorise the Chairman to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Advisory Committee held on 02/07/13.

11 PROPOSED EAST SUSSEX COUNTY COUNCIL/COMMUNITY FUNDED SCHEMES. The Clerk is trying to find details of the scheme proposed from 01/04/14 whereby highway work can be undertaken using ESCC funding and match funding from parish councils. The Parish Council intends including some funding in its 2014/15 budget. Several items raised during the meeting are listed below as part of a "proposed Sedlescombe Traffic & Parking Scheme". This is expected to involve an Engineer being employed by ESCC to discuss with parish councils regarding highway improvements.


  1. Speed limits in The Street, Brede Lane, The Green and rural lanes
    1. Brian Banks informed the meeting in the Village on 06/12 that speed limits can only be introduced where speeds are already reasonably near to the proposed speed limit. If introduced, signs and lines are expected to reduce speeds by just 2mph. For a 20mph speed limit to be imposed, the existing speeds should not be more than 24mph.
    2. Although traffic calming measures such as speed humps are a popular option, they must be lit and not be on bus route. In addition, emergency vehicle operators could object because they hinder progress of emergency vehicles.
    3. Brian Banks suggested that the best way of reducing speed is to design the road so that drivers will not feel inclined to drive faster than 30mph by introducing physical changes such as build outs, lines, speed limit repeater signs, special surfacing and roundels. These are recommended visual cues to encourage drivers to slow down.
    4. Consideration of Beckley's traffic slowing programme. Brian Banks mentioned that Beckley Parish Council has recently completed an extensive consultation exercise. The Clerk will contact the Beckley Clerk for further details.
    5. Sedlescombe Speedwatch Campaign including obtaining a speed camera for Sedlescombe's use. The Parish Council has, up to now, found it difficult to book the speed camera and therefore would like to purchase one for Sedlescombe's use alone or shared with other neighbouring parishes. The Parish Council is planning to include funds in its 2014-15 budget for traffic calming measures such as the purchase of a speed camera.

      The Committee acknowledged the importance of keeping the team of volunteers interested in the Speedwatch Campaign. Cllr Parsons reported that he has now been able to book the camera for the whole week beginning 20/01/14.

      Cllrs Eldridge and Parsons had attended a meeting with the Speedwatch Organiser regarding speed cameras. The Police are in the process of upgrading their equipment and, therefore, some hand-held speed cameras could be surplus to requirements. The cost could start in the region of £65, although this would depend on the facilities available on the individual camera. Details would be sent to Cllr Eldridge in due course.

  2. Traffic in Brede Lane
    1. ESCC has agreed to install a white line on the corner from The Queen's Head to The Paddock to show the edge of the carriageway and, possibly, deter nuisance parking. Cllr Vine-Hall reported that actually there had previously been white lines on both sides of the road at this point and the white line would, therefore, be a replacement rather than a new line.
    2. White line across Doctors' parking bay. A new line has now been installed which should keep this area clear of parked vehicles.
    3. Parking on corners at junctions - Brian Banks reported that only double yellow lines would be appropriate
    4. Obtaining improved signage for Brede Lane Car Park. The Committee agreed that an additional car park sign would be appropriate at the entrance to The Brickwall. To be considered as part of the proposed Sedlescombe Traffic & Parking Scheme.
    5. Obtaining signs for Brickwall Hotel Car Park. The Committee agreed that Cllr Eldridge should discuss with Mr Pollio the idea of having a sign at the entrance to The Brickwall which alerts drivers to the large car park at the rear of the Hotel.
    6. Replacement of the grass verge opposite Springfield/Ivy Cottages with parking bays will be considered as part of the proposed Traffic & Parking Scheme.
    7. School traffic. Demi and the School headteacher have been monitoring the traffic situation in Brede Lane following the autumn round of talks, letters etc that had taken place at the School. The head will thank parents for their co-operation. Demi intends to launch a reminder campaign at the start of the new term (06/01/14). Speedwatch volunteers to be involved. Demi thinks that the laminated signs on the corner have helped to stop parking there.

  3. Traffic in The Green slip road
    1. It was suggested that putting notes on cars who park long-term outside the shop politely asking them if they would park elsewhere to keep the area for short-term parking might be something that could be done by the shop owners. Cllr Eldridge will speak to them.
    2. Agreed the Clerk should write to The Brickwall Hotel, Clockhouse and the Shop suggesting that they might ask their staff to park in the Brede Lane car park instead of around The Green to keep it free for short-term parking.
    3. Cllr Eldridge had carried out a survey of residents and businesses living in The Green following ongoing suggestions that The Green should be made one-way. The survey had resulted in 5 residents voting for making it one-way from the top, 5 for making it one-way from the bottom and 10 for keeping it as it is. A similar result was obtained from the businesses. It was RECOMMENDED: That, in order to maintain access options for all, the Village Green should remain two-way as at present, .
    4. Traffic calming, such as speed humps, are not suitable because they have to be lit.
    5. In order to slow traffic from Brede Lane that are entering The Green and to safeguard pedestrians walking to the shop from Brede Lane, a build-out at top of The Green and extension of footway (to include bollards to stop parking) from Queen's Head to village shop will be considered as part of the proposed Sedlescombe Traffic & Parking Scheme. Several councillors are not currently in favour of this. The shop owners will be consulted because it would result in the loss of a couple of parking spaces outside the shop. However, it is expected that it would also help ease congestion there and be much safer for pedestrians. It might be possible to use temporary blocks to try out a road alteration before agreeing that it should be introduced.
    6. One bay with restricted parking time on the Village Green side of The Green slip road will be considered as part of the proposed Sedlescombe Traffic & Parking Scheme. A sign will be needed on The Green.

  4. Traffic in The Street
    1. Gateways on B2244 to denote start of built up area of Sedlescombe. The cost of a pair of gateways on the grass verge could be as much as £6,000 although members of the Committee believe that they could be provided cheaper if a structural engineer in the Village is willing to help with the tests that have to be undertaken. To be considered as part of the proposed Sedlescombe Traffic & Parking Scheme. Cllr Chapman informed members that Broad Oak have recently installed 6"x6" posts with reflectors on as "gateways". Other members would look at them. It might be sensible to move the "Sedlescombe welcomes careful drivers" sign from Hawkhurst Road to nearer the start of the 30mph speed limit at the bottom of Church Hill. Maybe a similar sign could be installed near the other end of the 30mph speed limit.
    2. Request for HGV diversion to avoid Sedlescombe village. Members were disappointed to hear that, as no roads in East Sussex are ideal for HGVs, ESCC will not place restrictions on any roads.
    3. Traffic calming. Chicanes cannot be used on A or B roads.

  5. How the safety of the A21/B2244 junction could be improved. The Committee was asked to consider what Greg Barker MP should submit to the Highways Agency as part of his campaign to introduce safety measures at certain junctions on the road. RECOMMENDED: That it should be suggested to Greg Barker MP that either traffic lights with a pedestrian crossing or a roundabout with an overhead footway should be installed in order to improve the junction of the A21 and B2244.