Minutes of the 2013 Annual Assembly of the Sedlescombe Parish Meeting

MEETING ON Tuesday 30/04/13 in Sedlescombe Village Hall, 19:00 to 20:45 (doors opened from 18:30)

PRESENT: More than 130 people were present including:
Cllr Jonathan Vine-Hall (Chair of Sedlescombe Parish Council) in the chair
Parish Councillors Peter Anson, Roy Chapman, Rod Eldridge, Pauline Glew, Jenny Mitchell, John Parsons and John Reynolds
Pauline J Raymond (Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer of Sedlescombe Parish Council)
County Councillor Peter Jones CBE
District Councillor Tony Ganly
PCSO Demetrius Georghiou

1. CHAIRMAN'S OPENING REMARKS. After welcoming those present, Cllr Vine-Hall thanked Ian Barnett and Josh Bishop for their entertaining live music as people arrived at the meeting. Ian was representing The Green Cardigan Music Festival to be held on 6-8 September in the field opposite Sedlescombe Vineyard. Brochures of the Festival were available.

Health and safety information was given and Peter Jones, Tony Ganly and Demi were welcomed. All who advertised in the Sedlescombe Directory prepared by Pauline Raymond were thanked. The Chairman also highlighted David Betts' work in raising funds for an easy-to-use defibrillator now located at the Brickwall Hotel for use by anyone in the community, the Spring Fayre to be held on the Village Green on 11/05/13 in aid of the British Heart Foundation and Derek and Monique Wright's Silver Award for B&B Excellence at Kester House, Sedlescombe. Two prize draws were announced and the donors of the prizes - Brickwall Hotel and Queen's Head were thanked for their generosity.

Eleven display tables had been set up around the hall by:
Sedlescombe Green WI
St John the Baptist Parish Church
Sedlescombe CE Primary School
The Spring Fayre
Sedlescombe Bowls Club
Rother Community Friends
Brede High Woods and the Big Dig
Sedlescombe Garden Society
Sedlescombe Community Speedwatch
Sedlescombe Branch of the Royal British Legion
Pestalozzi International Village

2. MINUTES OF THE ANNUAL ASSEMBLY OF THE PARISH MEETING OF SEDLESCOMBE HELD ON 17/04/12. It was proposed by Joy Whitcher and RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Annual Assembly of the Parish Meeting of Sedlescombe held on 17/04/12 are approved.

3. REPORTS. Children from Sedlescombe Primary School and young people from the Pestalozzi International Village had been invited to give short presentations to the meeting.

  1. Sedlescombe School was ably represented by Emily Roper, Reece Errey and Tia Ronald who spoke about the their School day and gave information about their work successes, outings, sports, music, drama and other activities that they enjoy taking part in. Two particular successes were the choir being in the finals of the 1066 Choir Competition for Primary Schools to be held at the White Rock on 17/05/13 and the School Team winning the "Vinehall Annual Maths Competition". They thanked villagers for all their help during the year and invited them to use the swimming pool, now with changing room, and to attend School Assemblies on Mondays and Fridays.
  2. Pestalozzi International Village was represented by Claire Gapare, Pradosh Bista, Timothy Mazai and Nkole Chisanga. Two of them come from Zimbabwe, one from Zambia and the other from Nepal. All spoke inspiringly about what a Pestalozzi scholarship means to them. There are currently fifty students at Pestalozzi from seven nations living together and sharing cultures. Next year, students from Bhutan will join them for the first time. The students have become involved as volunteers with the Sedlescombe Friends Group. They invited local residents to attend evening activities and said how much they would like to be part of the Sedlescombe community.

4. PARISH COUNCIL CHAIRMAN'S REPORT. Cllr Vine-Hall's report focused on Superfast Broadband, Volunteering and Neighbourhood Planning.

The Chairman gave the background to the Parish Council's decision to do a Neighbourhood Plan to avoid large developments and to be in control of what happens and where. It was stressed that although the Neighbourhood Plan Project Group facilitates the process, the end result will be what the community says it wants. Everyone was asked to support the forthcoming exhibitions and survey and, in the end, the referendum for the plan. Sedlescombe is currently looking for acceptable sites for 17 houses in groups of 6 or more. This number may increase. The exhibition of possible sites will be held over the weekend of 14 and 15 September. The Neighbourhood Plan process is likely to take a year. Volunteers to help encourage others to participate are needed as is anyone with professional knowledge or experience who can help the group to understand detailed policies. People were also urged to enrol on the e-mail distribution list and to register for broadband through the www.goesussex.co.uk website. All had been given a slip to complete which also contained the lucky number for the draw. The volunteer raffle was won by Jenny Mitchell.

5.PARISH COUNCIL FINANCIAL REPORT. Pauline Raymond gave a report on some of the Parish Council's expenditure during 2012-13. She reported satisfactory completion of the audit of the accounts. Information was also provided on planned expenditure for the 2013-14 financial year including completion of the Multi-use Games Area at the tennis courts.

6. ELECTORS' QUESTION AND ANSWER SESSION. A panel consisting of County Councillor Peter Jones CBE, District Councillor Tony Ganly, PCSO Demi and Parish Councillor Jonathan Vine-Hall answered a wide range of questions from the floor. The subjects covered were: Potholes, gritting, yellow lines, housing, grass cutting at Red Barn Field picnic area, litter, dog fouling, Superfast Broadband availability in Sedlescombe, size of vehicles through the Village, speed of vehicles through the Village and along country lanes such as Stream Lane, Sedlescombe Community Speedwatch, Parking & Traffic presentation, speed cameras or speed reactive signs, Operation Crackdown, Parking in Brede Lane, Spilstead Airstrip remodelling, fly-tipping.

The second draw, for those attending the meeting, was won by Mr Wallis.

Peter Jones, attending his final event as a county councillor after sixteen years, was thanked by the Chairman and presented with bottles of wine. In turn Peter congratulated the Parish Council, its Chairmen and its Clerk for being such a successful organisation over so many years.

Finally, the Chairman thanked the councillors and the Clerk and invited those present to stay for refreshments and to talk to those with display tables and also to parish councillors who have particular responsibilities on the Council. He thanked Sylvia Beaney, Rosemary Farley and Margaret Hudson for preparing the refreshments. After a very successful meeting, the hall was clear once again by 21:45.