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Cllr J Vine-Hall (Chairman of the Council)
Cllr P Glew (Vice-Chairman of the Council)
Cllrs P Anson, R Chapman, R Eldridge, S Lawrence, J Parsons

Clerk/RFO: Mrs Pauline J Raymond

95 APOLOGIES received from Cllrs Reynolds and Fraser.


  1. Requests in writing from parish councillors for dispensation to speak regarding their pecuniary interests. The existing dispensations relating to Cllrs Vine-Hall, Glew, Chapman and Eldridge re the Neighbourhood Plan were noted.
  2. Declarations of interest by councillors of their interests in matters on this agenda received from Cllrs Parsons, Eldridge and Chapman re agenda item 103, Village Green, by virtue of them all being committee members of the Sedlescombe Garden Society. In accordance with the Code of Conduct, they remained in the meeting during discussions on that item.


  1. Mrs Sue Walton, Chief Executive, Pestalozzi International Village. Sue was very pleased to announce that the balance of funding has been obtained so that a start can be made on building the Pestalozzi Centre. She reminded the Council of three events at Pestalozzi ie The Romans in Sedlescombe on 17/02/14, Ugandan Cultural Evening on 20/02/14 and the International Celebration on 08/03/14.
  2. District Cllr Ganly reported a very difficult financial situation at Rother District Council. He referred to a site visit he had attended re the first planning application for B1 office and light industrial employment space as part of the Link Road Development. This will be at the gateway to the new Bexhill employment area and he was impressed that Planning Officers are insisting that the building should be high quality with attractive and welcoming surroundings. Cllr Ganly mentioned that, if a house receives planning approval on appeal, the District does not receive the usual new homes bonus. Also that Rother is taking enforcement action against the owner of the land at LWA Bodyshop, The Street, Sedlescombe.
  3. County Cllr Davies reported a forthcoming public County Council health consultation. She also informed the Council that she will be on the County Council Bus Service review committee.
  4. PCSO Demi reported that the traffic situation around the School has improved. The laminated notices that discourage parking on the corner have been lost again, possibly due to the bad weather, so a rethink on how they can be fitted to the fence more securely is needed. The Chairman reported that the white lines on the corner of Brede Lane have been painted this week (outside the shop also). The Sedlescombe Speedwatch team will be out with the speed camera next week and Demi will spend time with them.
  5. Local resident, Michelle Brister, reported on the new Sedlescombe Jobs Facebook page that was set up at the beginning of December and now has 80 followers. This is a free service that was set up directly arising from the Neighbourhood Plan process. The Facebook page means that local jobs can be easily seen by local people looking for work either voluntary or paid. Also local people who need assistance eg computer help, domestic work, etc., gave search for others willing to give that help. Although social networking is expected to appeal to younger people, to date it has been the 35 to 44 age group that has used the site most. People who are not on Facebook can contact Michelle and she will act as a go-between. The Chairman has produced some information leaflets which he has delivered to parts of the Village and the latest Parish Council Bulletin has raised further interest. Michelle was thanked for taking on this task and she agreed to give a short presentation at the Assembly in April.

98 MINUTES. RESOLVED: That the Chairman is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 12/11/13.


  1. PLANNING COMMITTEE. RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Meetings of the Planning Committee held on 10/12/13 and 07/01/14 are received
  2. NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN COMMITTEE. RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Meetings of the Neighbourhood Plan Committee held on 19/11/13 and 17/12/13 are received.
  3. FINANCE COMMITTEE. RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Meeting of the Finance Committee held on 10/12/13 are received.
  4. PARKING & TRAFFIC ADVISORY COMMITTEE. RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Meeting of the Parking & Traffic Advisory Committee held on 17/12/13 are approved and adopted.


  1. Rescinding of Resolution. The Clerk presented a report from the Neighbourhood Plan Committee which recommended rescinding a Committee resolution. RESOLVED: That the resolution passed at Minute C13/14.79 "That the Parish Council will support inclusion of Sites E01, E02, E03, E04, E06 and E07 in the Draft Pre-Submission Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Development Plan and, for the time being, take no further action on Sites E05, E09, E10, E11" is rescinded to allow further time for the conformity assessments to be completed.
  2. Update. The Chairman updated the Council regarding details that have been provided by landowners including community benefit. The Clerk is working on the site assessments and the Planning Consultant is drafting policies. Full report to Neighbourhood Plan Committee in two weeks' time.


  1. Bank Reconciliation. RESOLVED: That the bank reconciliation at the end of December 2013 is approved. See the following:
    1. Summary 2013-14 end December 2013
    2. Breakdown 2013-14 end December 2013

  2. Cheques. RESOLVED: That payment of the December 2013 cheque list is ratified and the January 2014 cheque list as amended is approved.

  3. Sedlescombe Parish Precept for the 2014/15 financial year. RESOLVED: That the Chairman is authorised to sign the Precept Application Form in the sum of £42,295. See the documents highlighted at 101.1.1 and 2 above for details of the precept amount and breakdown of figures.


  1. Internet link at Village Hall. The Village Hall Committee was thanked for installing an internet link at the hall.
  2. Change of Highway Steward. The area which includes Sedlescombe now has a new Highway Steward, Jon Cop. He started work at the beginning of January. Arrangements are being made for a meeting with him to be held.
  3. RR/2012/2398/P Spilsted Farm, Stream Lane, Remodelling land to improve visibility on airstrip. To note that the Planning Officer is recommending refusal to the Rother Planning Committee of 16/01/14. Members were fully in agreement with the Planning Officer's report, the summary of which the Clerk read to them, and hoped that members of the Rother Planning Committee will be willing to confirm a refusal of this application.
  4. Profiles of Parish Councillors. Councillors were reminded to agree or amend their profiles for inclusion in the forthcoming Annual Report and Directory by the end of January.

103 VILLAGE GREEN. Cllrs Parsons, Eldridge and Chapman declared their interests as Committee Members of the Sedlescombe Garden Society. They remained in the meeting and took part in discussions.

  1. Advertising on the Village Green. Following the expiration of six months from the passing of a resolution at the meeting of the Council held on 14/05/13 under Minute Number C13/14.9 "That in order to control advertising on Sedlescombe Village Green, no advertising will be allowed by any body on The Green, apart from Sedlescombe Parish Council", the Council has been asked to reconsider its decision.

    RESOLVED: That, in order to control advertising on Sedlescombe Village Green,
    1. Only Parish Council or 100% charitable events that have received the Parish Council's approval will be allowed to position signs on the Village Green.
    2. Applications for permission to advertise Village events on the Green during the following year will be considered at the January Council Meeting and a maximum of four (other than parish council events) will be approved.
    3. A maximum of two signs will be allowed for each event..
    4. Signs should be on the Green for a maximum of seven days for each event (including the day of the event). Signs to be removed immediately after the event has ended and any damage caused to The Green repaired.
    5. Signs should be restricted in size to A1.
    6. Signs should be located where directed by the Council ensuring that drivers' visibility is not affected by the signs.

      It was further RESOLVED: That the following Village bodies will be allowed to advertise one event each on The Green in 2014: Sedlescombe Garden Society, Sedlescombe CEP School, Pestalozzi International Village, Spring Fayre. The situation will be reviewed in January 2015.

  2. Use of the Village Green
    1. May - 17th - Sedlescombe May Fayre approved by Clerk under delegated powers.
    2. May - 20th - St Michael's Hospice Open Gardens in Sedlescombe with stalls on the Village Green approved by Clerk under delegated powers.
    3. July - 26th - With the demise of the Village Fayre at the sportsfield, the Garden Society had decided it wished to run a Flower Show itself, especially with 2014 being the 70th anniversary of its founding of the Society. Instead of using the sportsfield, John Parsons, Chairman of the Garden Society, had asked for permission to use The Green for this purpose. The Council RESOLVED: That the Sedlescombe Garden Society is allowed to hold its 2014 Summer Show, plus a few other stalls, on Sedlescombe Village Green in July. This will include the erection of a couple of marquees.

      Cllr Glew reported that the Societies Association will meet on 03/02/14 to officially wind up the Association and agree how to distribute funds remaining in its account.


  1. Playground reports. At the start of 2014, Cllr Chapman reported no problems at either the MUGA, the Riverside Playground or the East View Terrace Kickabout Area. Councillors had been given a series of dates for their inspections in 2014 and the Clerk had provided details of how jobs arising from the inspections will be referred to Cllr Chapman and the volunteers' team. Cllr Chapman was thanked for sweeping the MUGA again and fitting self-closing hinges to the MUGA gate. Use of the MUGA for tennis coaching is increasing.

105 SPORTSFIELD. Cllr Anson reported that he had sent the December 2013 gas certificate for the pavilion to the Clerk/RFO.

The Sports Association has arranged the moving of the blue container to the rear of the portacabin at the sportsfield car park. Minor work is to take place at the car park to improve drainage, probably this week.

The Council continues to be frustrated with the lack of progress towards getting something done about the portacabin which is unsightly and deteriorating. The Football Club would like to change the portacabin/container into a building with toilet and kitchen facilities but, unfortunately, no plans have yet been provided although the Council had asked for them to be available by last November. It is accepted that the Sports Association needs storage facilities but how this should be provided is not certain. Maybe a second container might be suitable and more durable although the Clerk mentioned that the Council's permitted development rights only allow buildings of a certain size on land owned by them. Otherwise planning permission will be required. Currently the Societies Association (soon to be defunct) and the Garden Society store their marquees in the portacabin and the Football Club uses the container. RESOLVED: That Cllr Anson will inform the Sports Association that a new deadline of 31/03/14 has been set for plans or alternative solutions to be provided. Failing that, the portacabin will be emptied of items and removed from the car park by the Parish Council.

106 MAINTENANCE OF PUBLIC FOOTPATHS AND BRIDLEWAYS. Cllrs Vine-Hall and Chapman and Reg Glew will be installing five waymark posts on Holford Pitcher's land this week.

107 REPORT ON BUSINESS FACEBOOK PAGE. See Minute 97.5 above.

108 BUS SERVICE REVIEW. Details of the County Council's review of bus services were available on the agenda. Cllr Glew reported that Stagecoach is considering re-routing the 349 bus service that serves Sedlescombe through Bohemia rather than past Warrior Square Station and the seafront in order to improve time-keeping.