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PRESENT: Cllr J Reynolds (Chairman)
Cllr P Anson, R Eldridge, R Chapman, J Parsons
Ex-officio members: Cllr J Vine-Hall (Chairman of the Council); Cllr P Glew (Vice-Chairman of the Council)
Clerk: Mrs P J Raymond

Cllr S Lawrence was also present.

93 APOLOGIES. None, all present.

94 INTERESTS IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE 2012 CODE OF CONDUCT. The following personal interests were declared:


96 MINUTES. The Chairman was authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Committee held on 25/02/14.


  1. RR/3165/CC AND RR/2014/473/C Felon Field, Marley Lane, Battle TN33 0RE. New East Sussex County Council Highway maintenance depot with salt barn, 10no.vehicle garages, vehicle washdown, materials storage bunkers and office/welfare facilities. NB ESCC is reconsulting the Parish Council on changes to the planning application (then numbered RR/2013/1568/C) which have resulted from the need to remove or mitigate impacts on protected species from the proposed development. These measures include a revised site plan and layout which reduces the size of the proposed depot.

    Cllr Chapman reported and it was RESOLVED: That the Parish Council makes the following additional comments to those previously submitted i.e. the Tree Preservation Order, lighting and use of green material for walls and roof, Sedlescombe Parish Council has concerns about the development particularly regarding the exposure of the site by removal of trees and installation of floodlighting which has the potential to spoil an area of typical AONB Weald. Every effort should be made to ensure the development is screened by trees both from Marley Lane around the entrance, from the A21 and when viewed from afar in accordance with Rother Local Plan 2006 i.e. to the north, south and east of the site.  The close proximity of the site to the adjacent water course which feeds into the River Brede at Sedlescombe and its protected fish species is also of concern particularly regarding the possibility of the discharge of pollutants including salt into the freshwater of the River.

  2. RR/2014/386/P DB Earthmoving, Marley Lane, Sedlescombe. NB This is the same site as at No.97.1 above. Fell selected trees. Cllr Chapman reported and it was RESOLVED: That Sedlescombe Parish Council objects to removal of trees from around the proposed Salt Depot.  The Tree Preservation Order was imposed in 2002 "in the interests of amenity and to preserve the character of the area".  The character is as part of the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and National Character Area No.122.  Its existing appearance viewed from a distance is of a densely wooded landscape and nothing should be done to harm this "natural beauty". NPPF paragraph 115 requires "great weight" to be given to the landscape and scenic beauty.  Rather than removing trees, Sedlescombe Parish Council would like to see intensification of tree screening around the site.

  3. RR/2014/419/L Little Swailes Green Farmhouse, Compasses Lane, Swailes Green, TN32 5QU. New access staircase to new first floor bedroom and bathroom. Cllr Parsons reported on his inspection. RESOLVED: That the Parish Council supports approval.

  4. RR/2014/427/P Sheredene, Hurst Lane, Sedlescombe TN33 0PE. 2-storey extensions & remodelling of existing dwelling. Cllr Vine-Hall had declared his personal interest and took no part in the discussions. Cllr Reynolds reported on his inspection and it was RESOLVED: That the Parish Council supports approval.

  5. RR/2014/532/P Elthorne, Long Lane, Balcombe Green, Sedlescombe. Loft conversion including dormers, single storey extension to form entrance porch. Cllrs Glew and Eldridge had declared their personal interests and took no part in the discussions. Cllr Vine-Hall reported on his inspection and it was RESOLVED: That the Parish Council supports approval. It was noted that, according to a Planning Statement added to the Rother website on 10/03/14, pre-application advice had been sought regarding developing this property into two properties. Due to the advice obtained, the idea had been dropped.

98 APPEAL APP/U1430/A/2213827. TEMPORARY CHANGE OF USE FROM CAR SALES TO CAR WASH AND VALETING WITH 'IN-OUT' DRIVE THROUGH (SIX YEAR TEMPORARY PERIOD) AT CAR SALES SITE, THE STREET, SEDLESCOMBE. Mr Ali Hoxha is appealing to the Planning Inspectorate in respect of the above site following refusal of planning permission by Rother District Council.

It was noted that Rother District Council had refused the above-mentioned application on 22/08/13, because the proposal would include include use of jet washers and vacuum cleaners over long periods causing unacceptable disturbance to occupants of nearby residential properties. Also spray drift from the use of jet washers would also cause a nuisance to nearby neighbours.

The Parish Council had originally objected strongly because the new access at the southern end of the site is unsuitable as it is close to the narrow river bridge where vehicles travelling from the south will have to wait in the middle of the road to enter the site, obstructing following vehicles. There was also concern that some vehicles might exit the site this way. Also because of the damage to the amenities of near neighbours. If Rother decided to grant permission, the Parish Council had proposed that the hours of business should be limited and should exclude Sundays.

RESOLVED: That the Parish Council should make an additional comment about the danger of exiting onto the small lane which is the only access to a children's play area and a multi-use games area. The previous use of the land for car sales engendered limited use of this gateway. Because of the position of the proposed exit, drivers could be unaware that children could appear suddenly on the lane.


  1. RR/2014/46/A Sedlescombe Vineyard, Static non-illuminated painted signboard.