SPC logoCouncil Meeting Agenda

To: All Parish Councillors

You are hereby summoned to attend the Meeting
of the Parish Council on Tuesday 21st February 2017
at 19:00 in Committee Room 2 of Sedlescombe Village Hall

Signed: Carol Hodgson
Mrs. Carol Hodgson Clerk to Sedlescombe Parish Council
075 310 654 69 / clerk@sedlescombe.org.uk

~ ~ ~

If present, the following will be invited to speak:

County Councillor Angharad Davies
District Councillor Tony Ganly
Mrs Susan Walton (Chief Executive of Pestalozzi International Village)
Mrs Caroline Harvey (Head of Sedlescombe Primary School)

C16/167 Apologies

C16/168 Interests in accordance with 2012 Code of Conduct

  1. To receive new written requests for dispensation.
  2. To receive councillors' declarations of interest regarding matters on the agenda.

C16/169 Public participation session re matters on the Agenda at the Chairman's discretion.

C16/170 To approve the minutes of the Council Meeting on 17-Jan-17

C16/171 To receive the minutes of the Finance Committee Meeting on 10-Jan-17

C16/172 Casual Vacancies

  1. To consider the applicants.

C16/173 Planning

  1. To consider response to planning applications.

    a. RR/2016/3266/P - Chittlebirch, Compasses, Cripps Corner, TN32 5SA
    Proposed side extension via glazed link and internal alterations.

    b. RR/2016/3267/L - Chittlebirch, Compasses, Cripps Corner, TN32 5SA
    Proposed side extension via glazed link and internal alterations.

    c. RR/2017/293/P - Constant Spring, Hawkhurst Road, Sedlescombe TN33 0QS
    Extensions and alterations to property (alternative to RR/2015/2961/P)

    d. RR/783/CM - Brede Barn Farm, Brede Lane, Sedlescombe, TN33 0PG
    Infilling of slurry pit and regrading of adjacent land with inert waste material

  2. To receive advice of decisions on previous applications:-

    a. RR/2016/3152/P The Old School House, Balcombe Green, Sedlescombe TN33 0QL
    Proposed single storey extensions.
    APPROVED CONDITIONAL: As per decision notice 26-Jan-17

    b. RR/2017/127/CM - Brede Barn Farm, Brede Lane, Sedlescombe TN33 0PG
    Infilling of slurry pit and regrading of adjacent land with inert waste material.
    NO OBJECTION CONDS: As per decision notice 08-Feb-17

C16/174 Neighbourhood Plan

  1. To consider appointing Neil Homer and Cllr. Vine-Hall as representatives for Parish Council should a Public Examination and Post Examination be required for the Sedlescombe NHP.
  2. To approve provisional funding of £1,000 for Neil Homer to attend a Public Examination for the Sedlescombe NHP if required.
  3. To receive an update on the Examiner and timing for the examination.
  4. To receive an update on the Rother NP forum.

C16/175 Salehurst and Robertsbridge NHP

  1. To consider a response to the Salehurst and Robertsbridge NHP under formal Consultation by Rother District Council (Regulation 16)

C16/176 Speed watch

  1. To receive an update on recruiting a Speed Watch Coordinator and an assistant for the administration and smooth running of the SpeedWatch scheme.

C16/177 East Sussex Highways - Planting of Bulbs and Wildflowers

  1. To consider an offer from East Sussex Highways to plant some bulbs and wild flowers in Sedlescombe.

C16/178 Annual Report and Directory 2017

  1. To receive an update

C16/179 To review the following policies:

  1. Standing Orders
  2. Decision Making 2008

C16/180 Public Playing Field and Recreation Ground

  1. To receive the Playground Reports

C16/181 Recruitment of an Assistant Clerk in accordance with Parish Council's Equality and Recruitment Policy.

  1. To approve the revised job description for the role of Clerk / RFO.
  2. To approve the job description, person specification and application form for the Assistant Clerk role.
  3. To approve the job advertisement and recruitment timetable.
  4. To appoint a recruitment panel.

C16/182 Finance

  1. To receive the statement of accounts to January 2017
  2. To receive the bank reconciliation for January 2017
  3. To consider a request from Kent Surrey Sussex Air Ambulance for a grant of £250.
  4. To consider purchasing 3 x Grit Bins and salt for siting at Hurst Lane / Brede Lane, corner of Hurst Lane and bottom of Stream Lane.
  5. To approve the following cheques:-
    a Sedlescombe Village Hall January 2017 hire
    b G Burley & Sons Ltd Grounds Maintenance Jan 17
    c Mr. R. Chapman MUGA: Expenses chainsaw + hedge cutter
    d Catsfield Parish Council Stationery Recharge and Good Cllr Guides
    e Fastprint & Design Ltd Newsletters and RDC NHP Consult Forms
    f SSALC Ltd Spring Conference x 3
    g Mrs Carol Hodgson Salary - January 2017

C16/183 Reports, Correspondence and Questions

  1. Red Barn Field
  2. Sedlescombe Jobs Network
  3. To receive any other reports and questions from Members in brief, including items for the next agenda.

Confidential Information - Exclusion Of Press And Public.
If the Parish Council decides to exclude the Press and Public for any items on the agenda it will be necessary to pass the following resolution:
To move the following resolution: 'That in view of the confidential nature of the business about to be transacted it is advisable in the public interest that the Press and Public be temporarily excluded and they are instructed to withdraw
in accordance with section 100A (2) and (4) of the LGA 1972'.