Annual Assembly Minutes 28th April 2015

Annual Parish Assembly
Minutes of the meeting held on
Tuesday 28th April 2015 in Sedlescombe Village Hall 19:00 to 20:30

PRESENT: 136 people were present at the meeting including:

Cllr Pauline Glew (Vice-Chair of Sedlescombe Parish Council) in the chair
Parish Councillors Peter Anson, Michelle Brister, Roy Chapman, Lindsay Fraser, John Parsons,
Carol Hodgson (Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer of Sedlescombe Parish Council)
County Councillor Angharad Davies
District Councillor Tony Ganly
PCSO Demetrius Georghiou

1. Chairman’s Opening Remarks
The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting including County Cllr Angharad Davies, District Cllr Tony Ganly and PCSO Demetrius Georghiou.
For Health and Safety purposes the emergency exits were pointed out in the Village Hall.

Apologies for absence had been received from the Parish Council Chairman Cllr. Jonathan Vine-Hall who was recuperating.

2. Approval of Minutes of Annual Parish Meeting held on 29-Apr-14
Item passed over in error.

3. Presentation of the History Cup by Pauline Raymond
Pauline Raymond thanked the Parish Council for providing the History Cup for an annual event. An entry to the competition could be based on any event that took place in the history of Sedlescombe. The subjects are endless to pass onto future generations. Pauline has during her time in Sedlescombe built-up an exteneive archive of Sedlescombe history and created digital copies of the past. Anyone who is interested in seeing any of the photographs can contact Pauline after the meeting or by calling her on 870508. She is always looking for further material.
Pauline thanked all those who entered the 2015 competition. The winner of this years competition is Charlotte Williams an 8 year old pupil from Sedlescombe School. Her projected entitled “15th century through to 2015” featured the Queens Head pub, which her grandfather John Cook was previously the landlord.

4. Presentations

  • Sedlescombe CEP School
    Three year 6 children Elliot, Guy and Boris from Sedlescombe CEP School, gave an account of their daily life at Sedlescombe School. They told us of their link with a school in India, a new project ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’, trips to London, Greenwich, Drusillas Park, Bedgebury and more, of their two school productions each year at Christmas and in the Summer and performing at the Hastings Music Festival. They love their sports and take part in local inter-school tournaments of netball and football. They are proud to be part of a very successful school and try hard to learn their lessons.
  • Pestalozzi International Village
    Two Pestalozzi students, Marvin from Uganda and Bigyan from Nepal described how the Pestalozzi International Village gives children a chance to study in the UK, a vision for the future and a lifetime opportunity which would not be possible in their own countries. They were greatful for being given this opportunity and for being so well accepted into the Sedlescombe community. Bigyan – a first year A level student – gave an account of the recent earthquake in Nepal and how Pestalozzi were helping by raising funds to provide food and water during this tragedy.
  • Sedlescombe Summer Fayre – Cllr. Peter Anson
    Cllr. Anson reflected on the very emotional appeal from Bigyan for Nepal and hoped that the Summer Fayre maybe be able to provide some support for the Nepalese.
    Peter spoke as Chair of the Summer Fayre, which is a joint association of the Parish Council and the Sports Association. The Sedlescombe Garden Society will also be hosting their annual Flower Show. The driving Committee includes Peter Anson, Sally Sidgwick, Judy Torrance, Derek Wright and Brian Broucher. Local groups and societies are being offered stalls to raise their own funds – 20 have taken up the offerso far including Sedlescombe CEP School, Pestalozzi. St Michaels Hospice and The Queens Head Pub. As a side attraction the Committee would like to run a ‘Car Corner’ but has not yet found an organiser. Anyone who is inerested in stepping forward should see a member of the committee. Other associated events: Parish Council is organising and running the Grand Draw. Monies raised will go towards a local charity. John Brownsden is running a ‘Goose Poop’. 1000 squares are on sale. The winner will receive half the proceeds and the balance will go to the Doctors Fund to provide medical equipment. Campbell’s Estate Agents has agreed to provide advertising boards. Evening entertainment will be in the form of Mike Hatchard and Herbie Flowers together with a two course meal including a glass of beer or wine. Tickets cost £20 and will go on sale to the Village at the Spring Fayre on 16th May 2015. Proceeds from the evening events will also go to the Doctors Fund to provide medical equipment.

    Cllr Glew invited any other societies to speak:
  • Marc Lynch spoke on the newly formed ‘Sedlescombe-Westfield Archaeology and History Society’ (SWAHS). A dig was currently taking place at the Pestalozzi Estate for Roman remains. Anyone is welcome to come along.
  • On behalf of the ‘Sedlescome News’ Cllr. Glew made a plea for more editors to come forward to keep this weekly informative flyer going. Anyone interested in getting involved can contact Reg Glew and Jill Foss for further information.
  • Cllr. Glew advised that sadly Bob Harris had passed away over the weekend. Audrey and Bob have been involved in many village events and Bob will be greatly missed.
    The Spring Fayre Commitee has asked for anyone who put their name down on a list (which Bob has holding)to help at the Spring Fayre on 16th May to get in touch with Ralph Dellow on 870223.

5. Report of Parish Council Chairman
Cllr. Glew presented the Chairman’s report:

Highway Issues. This year Parish Council set aside funding for Traffic Calming. With ESCC Community Match Funding – which has been given first stage approval earlier this year – the proposal to improve access and parking around the shop is now moving forward. PC is currently waiting for ESCC to come back with a design which will be used to go out to public consultation with the community so that everyone can have a say before the final decision is made. All being well, it is hoped that the work will take place towards the end of this year. A speed gun has been ordered but due to problems with the supplier, has not yet been received. Owning our equipment will help make life easier in not having to take it in turns to borrow Sussex Police’s and will lead to a more effective speed check programme.

Neighbourhood Plan. Our NHP passed the examination stage earlier this year. The Inspector recommended a number of modifications. The NHP is now with Rother District Council. Once the elections are over Parish Council and Rother DC will meet. The outcome will be reported back to the village – possibly via the next bulletin.

Street Farm Appeal. After two and a half years, a planning application and a public enquiry lasting 3 days the Government Inspectors recommendation to refuse development on Street Farm was agreed by the Secretary of State. Having the Neighbourhood Plan at an advanced stage definitely helped. Jonathan Vine-Hall would like to thank all those who made the effort to write in against this unwanted development.
Cllr. Anson also asked that Cllrs. Vine-Hall and Fraser were thanked for their involvement.

Cllr. Glew thanked the following:

  • Sylvia Beaney and Rosemary Farley for providing the teas this evening.
  • The local businesses who support the Annual Report and Directory with advertising which paid for the printing of the booklet.
  • Pumphouse Designs who provided the poster used to advertise tonights meeting. The posters were designed by Cllr. Fraser.
  • To the many people in the village who give their time and expertise delivering bulletins, keeping their eyes open and reporting any problems.
  • The Lift Scheme drivers which is a very needed service in the village.
  • Cllr. Chapman’s band of volunteer workers who have saved our village around £5,000 this year.
  • The Councillors and Parish Clerk who work so hard for the village and of course Reg. All who have supported me during the last few weeks – well Reg a little longer.

6. Prize Draw for Sedlescombe Volunteers by Cllr. Roy Chapman
The winner of the Volunteers Prize Draw is Rod Eldridge as drawn by Cllr. Chapman. Cllr. Glew thanked Rod for all his hard work with Speed Watch and also to the Queens Head for donating this prize.

7. Parish Council Financial Report
An update of Parish Council’s income and expenditure for the year ended 31st March 2015 is available on the back of the Agenda. Total expenditure for the year is £66,537. The figure in Staff Costs included a gratuity payment to Pauline Raymond on her retirement last year. Income for the year was £46,501 of which £42,295 came from the precept. It was a quiet year financially for projects though a lot of preparation has been going on to bring these projects to fruitation hopefully in this coming year. Cllr. Glew has provided an update on the Speed Gun and the Traffic Calming Project. Of the remaining balance £4408 went on Neighbourhood Plan expenses. Also from this budget Councillors agreed to spend £1500 on professional assistance for submitting a case for the Street Farm Appeal. Of the normal year on year spending the main expenditure was for repayment of two loans for the Pavilion and MUGA £5636, grounds maintenance £2500 and insurance £1100. 

8. Electors’ question & answer session with County Councillor Angharad Davies, District Councillor Tony Ganly, PCSO Demi and Parish Council Chairman

  • Cllr. Glew made an apology to the Village Hall Committee for the misprint in the Annual Report and Directory 2015. The Parish Council does not own the Village Hall, the Village Hall Committee owns the Village Hall. The item should have said that Parish Council owns the ‘Village Hall Car Park’.
  • Q: There are no refuges for pedestrians to go along the lane between Westfield and Sedlescombe which has a speed limit of 60mph. Where can I get advice on reducing the speed limit?
    Also…the Greens around the Village are being eroded away by the traffic. It is not an attractive approach to the Village. How or who can reinstate these?
    A: Cllr. Glew recommended contacting Highways. If the gentlement wished to bring the issue to Parish Council he could write in and PC would help as much as they can.
  • Q to Cllr. Tony Ganly.
    I have received your election leaflet and noted that there is no mention to the NHP or reference to you helping or assisting with the NHP. As 90% of the Village are in support, why was it not mentioned‘?
    A: Cllr. Ganly: ‘I do support the Neighbourhood Plan as it will give the village some control over the future development of Sedlescombe. It was an oversight and I apologise for missing it‘.
  • Q: Has anyone had problems with accessing the Internet?
    A: Other residents commented they had had problems with the broadband service and the fault seemed to rest with BT and an ‘overloaded capacity’ problem.
  • PCSO Demi Georghiou spoke on how the Police, local residents and SpeedWatch had worked together as a team. So many people had been involved and he thanked all that had helped him out. Local crime over the last year – there had been alot of ‘Cold Calling’. Demi advised everyone not to ignore these incidents but to report them in as they can lead to distraction burglaries. These people are usually known to the Police. 101 calls come up on Police radios and they can quickly attend if in the nearby area. There had been alot of scam emails which are a particular problem to the old and elderly who are most vulnerable. Demi advised not responding to these emails and also to the bogus telephone calls regarding delivery notes. In general there had not been alot of crime. Sussex Police had recently announced changes in Policing. Demi assured everyone that this is nothing to worry about and that they are still here working with the community as a team.
  • Jean Dellow advised that Neighbourhood Watch could be contacted by calling 101.
  • Cllr Davies advised that Broadband information was available on ESCC website. Should service issues continue she is happy to be contacted and will take this up.

9. Prize Draw for those in attendance by Cllr. Davies
The winner of the Door Prize Draw is number 79 white – Sally Martin as drawn by Cllr. Davies. Cllr. Glew thanked the Brickwall Hotel for donating this prize.

Cllr. Glew invited those attending to stay for refreshments and see the display tables.