Amenities Provided by the Parish Council

East View Terrace Kickabout Area

EAST VIEW TERRACE KICKABOUT AREA. The Parish Council is the freeholder of a small hard-surfaced area at East View Terrace. There are two storm shooter football goals and two basketball hoops. The Parish Council employs contractors to cut the grass and maintain the trees and hedges. It also arranges regular safety inspection of the area.

The small play area on the East View Estate is provided and managed by the current Housing Association.


The Playground is located behind the tennis courts.

InspectionSheet for Cllrs

Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA)

MUGA. This area is managed by the Parish Council on behalf of the Sedlescombe Public Playing Field and Recreation Ground Trust.  The former tennis courts were opened as a refurbished MULTI-USE GAMES AREA in September 2013.

Any ball game can be played on the MUGA and general public use will remain free.  Group bookings or commercial use should be booked through the Parish Clerk.

Please note there is no parking on the site – please park in the road or in the public car park in Brede Lane which is in easy walking distance.  Toilets also in the car park.

Contact – Nick Montague (LTA Registered Level 3 Tennis Coach), 07824 799 632 or 01424 848572 or Email

Red Barn Field Nature Park

In December 1998, the Parish Council bought 3 acres of land just outside the Sedlescombe Village development area as a possible site for a new village hall. The land cost £27,000. The land nearest to the road was passed to the Sedlescombe Village Hall Trust and just under three years after the Parish Council’s land purchase, a new hall was opened on the site.

Planning permission was granted for the remainder of the land to be used as a Nature Park with public access. A path was built through the Park to the hall with labour supplied by the Hastings Community Punishment Team. Furniture and an interpretation board was funded by the High Weald Land Management Initiative. Local voluntary labour built the two notice boards. The land has been managed by the Council for the benefit of wildlife with the help of local volunteers.

The Nature Park was named “Red Barn Field Nature Park” as, for years, there had been a red-roofed barn in the field. Nearby cottages carry a similar name. Prior to the Parish Council’s purchase, the field had been lightly grazed for ten years by an old donkey and pony and the field had become known locally as “The Donkey Field”.

Village Green

SEDLESCOMBE VILLAGE GREEN.  The Parish Council is the registered owner of the Village Green and is responsible for its maintenance including the Pumphouse.  Byelaws have been adopted for the management of the land.  Anyone wanting to use the Village Green for any purpose, MUST contact the Parish Clerk beforehand.  Unauthorised signs will be removed.

Did you know you can hire the village green? For more information please contact the Clerk  – Email or Tel: 07531065469

Amenities Provided by Other Bodies on Parish Council Land

Sedlescombe Village Hall Car Park

SEDLESCOMBE VILLAGE HALL CAR PARK. The Parish Council is the freehold owner of the village hall car park. It is leased to the Sedlescombe Village Hall Charity

Sedlescombe Pavilion and Sportsfield

The Parish Council is the registered freehold owner of the Sedlescombe Sportsfield at Oaklands Park but the field is leased to Trustees of the Sports Association. The thirty-year lease with a peppercorn rent will expire in August 2030.

The Association is responsible for all maintenance and running of the field apart from part of the car park which remains in the Council’s responsibility. The car park was doubled in size in 2012.

The Council is also responsible for contributing to the maintenance of the access road known as Ladybird Lane to the Sportsfield which belongs to the Pestalozzi Village Trust and is also used by other properties on the Estate.

Please contact Paul Wenham 0793 063 9424 for further details on hiring the Sportsfield and Pavilion.

A new pavilion was built in 2009.

PLEASE NOTE: It is most important that Sportsfield users do not park in Ladybird Lane which is the access road to the Sportsfield Car Park. Parking here is contrary to the covenant on the land and may obstruct the access to properties and to the Pestalozzi International Village. If there is no room left in the Sportsfield Car Park, park in the Sedlescombe public car park which can be found in Brede Lane, off the Village Green (turn right out of the road leading to the Sportsfield and the public car park is just a short walk away on the right).

It must also be noted that as the Sportsfield is leased to the Sports Association, it is not a public field. The public may use the footpath roughly adjacent to the River Brede but dogs must be kept on leads and cycling is not allowed.