Details of the Full Council and Committees (including Sub committee’s, Advisory and Working groups) can be found below along with the members, and their objectives.

Committee meetings can be executive where the full Council hands over responsibility for certain decisions to the committee. The committee then reports its decisions to the full Council. Some committees can be advisory; they make recommendations to the full Council, which then makes the decision.

Meeting dates can also be found below and in the calendar. You can look at categories or tags to help you navigate to your interested committee.

Full Council

Full Council meets every month  (dates as highlighted BOLD below).
Interim meeting dates have also been set so as to meet deadlines for responding
to planning applications and any other items which cannot wait until the next main meeting.

Membership 2021/22

Chairman: Cllr. Jonathan Vine-Hall
Vice-Chair: Cllr. Pauline Glew
Members:   Cllr. Roy ChapmanCllr. Peter AnsonCllr. Beverley Coupar, Cllr. Sally Sidgwick, Cllr. Jackie Saull-Hunt,Cllr. David Caney, Cllr. Nicola Moore

Meeting Dates 2021/22

All Meetings start at 19:00 unless otherwise stated and take place in Committee Room (CR) 2 of Sedlescombe Village Hall

20th April 2021                                              5th May 2021

22nd  June 2021                                             20th July 2021

21st  September 2021                                   19th October 202

14th December 2021                                    18th January 2022

15th February 2022                                      15th March 2022

19th April 2022

17th May 2022 (Annual Meeting of the PC)

Finance Executive Committee

The Finance Executive Committee meets four times a year with additional meetings as necessary

Membership 2021/22

Chairman: Cllr. Pauline Glew
Members: Cllr. Roy ChapmanCllr. Peter Anson,  Cllr. Sally Sidgwick and Cllr. Jonathan Vine-Hall (Council Chair). Cllr. Nicola Moore; Cllr.Beverly Coupar.

Meeting Dates 2021/22

All Meetings start at 18:30 unless otherwise stated and take place in Committee Room 2 of Sedlescombe Village Hall


Finance Executive Committee Agendas can be found HERE

Finance Executive Committee Minutes can be found HERE

Full information for the Finance Executive Committee can be found HERE

Red Barn Field Working Group

Membership 2020/21

Chairman: Cllr. Pauline Glew
Members: Cllr. Roy ChapmanCllr. Jonathan Vine-Hall (Council Chair) Cllr.Beverly Coupar.

The Red Barn Field Working Group Terms of Reference can be found HERE