Welcome to Sedlescombe Parish Council



Two vacancy's have occurred on the Parish Council following the resignation of John Page and John Parsons. As no poll has been demanded, the Parish Council is now inviting written applications from qualified persons who would like to fill a vacancy. The term expires in May 2019.

A candidate must be:-
A qualifying Commonwealth Citizen or a Euro national aged at least 18 years.

A candidate must not be
1. A bankrupt or has been found guilty of corrupt or illegal practices or has been responsible for incurring unlawful expenditure and the court orders disqualification or within 5 years before election has been convicted of any offence and has had passed on him a sentence of imprisonment of at least 3 months without the option of a fine. Candidates must meet at least one of the following criteria:
2. On the electoral register for Sedlescombe parish.
3. During the whole of the preceding 12 months, have occupied as owner or tenant land or premises in Sedlescombe parish.
4. During the whole of the preceding 12 months have their principal or only place of work in Sedlescombe parish.
5. During the whole of the preceding 12 months have resided in the parish or within three miles of it.

Further details about the work of a parish council can be viewed on the website by clicking on “Find out about the Parish Council” on the left hand side of the Home Page. The Parish Clerk on 075 310 654 69 or any councillor will be pleased to answer any questions. .................................................................................... If you would like to apply to fill the above vacancy an application form can be obtained by:-
• Contacting The Parish Clerk, April Cottage, Church Road, Catsfield, East Sussex. TN33 9DP Tel: 075 310 654 69 Email:
• Visiting our website